Oni Press announces perfect 2011 shipping schedule

by Jeff

JAN121214 Oni Press announces perfect 2011 shipping scheduleMedia Release — Now that the calendar year has turned, comics publisher Oni Press is doing a victory lap for 2011. The company released 40 titles last year, and every single one of the softcovers, hardcovers, and comic books shipped from the printer on time. Whether it was a regular issue of a color comic like The Sixth Gun, a black-and-white Courtney Crumrin special, or a massive 264-page original graphic novel like Petrograd, if it was promised for a specific date, it was delivered to retailers and consumers on that date.

“Entering into 2011, we set a definitive goal for ourselves,” said George Rohac, operations director at Oni Press. “We had seen our publishing line grow exponentially, and in order to get a handle on the outstanding slate of books that lay before us, we decided to overhaul how we scheduled our publications and make a firm commitment to getting every title out on time. This happy dance I’m doing right now means the plan worked. We met the challenge.”

“In past years, Oni Press’ reputation was hurt by its sporadic release system,” marketing director Cory Casoni added. “Late titles were starting to damage the trust that our customers had in us. Retailers were concerned about committing to an Oni Press series because they weren’t sure that the comics would arrive when they were supposed to. Everyone in the office banded together and we turned it around. From editorial to the design department, every step of the way, we all put in our very best to see each book to completion.”

The tide began to turn for the company when it embarked on its breakout hit, The Sixth Gun, in May 2010. “The Sixth Gun was a kind of test balloon for ongoing series,” Rohac said. “Oni Press has done ongoing books before, but they hadn’t always run smoothly. We wanted to create a model for The Sixth Gun that we could replicate on future series. Now it’s nearly two years later and we have Sixth Gun product on store shelves consistently. We’re getting Wasteland back on track the same way, and we’re planning farther and farther ahead to make sure that if we say an Oni Press title will be there, it’s going to be there.”

Oni Press recently unveiled its new logo and motto RevolutiOnize Comics, a symbol of its ongoing mission to bring new and innovative product to the comic book market. These two moves indicate a future that not only builds on the successes of the past, but advances them.

“This year is only going to be better than the last,” Casoni added. “So far in 2012, we’ve had an issue of Sixth Gun and Wasteland both ship on time, released Polly and the Pirates Volume 2 when promised, and the Spontaneous hardcover by Joe Harris and Brett Weldele released a month early. We may be beating our chests right now, but we’re not going to drop the ball while we do it. I look forward to sending out a press release just like this one in 12 months.”

Next on the slate for Oni Press are The Sixth Gun #19 by Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree, and the third volume of Possessions, the macabre comedy series from cartoonist Ray Fawkes. Both books are due to go on sale February 22. “Both are with the distributors,” Rohac confirmed, “and both will be out on time.”

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