Omega Red and His Forgotten Cameo, Plus X-Men #1

by Norman Robinson III

red1-300x138 Omega Red and His Forgotten Cameo, Plus X-Men #1The most overly printed comic book of all time was the X-Men #1 from 1991. This book has multiple prints and total published copies of 8.2 million (source: Wiki). “This is the single best-selling American (single issue) comic of all time.” One of the X-Men villains has recently become very popular as a speculation play. He apparently, only appears in a very special variant of  X-Men #1. This is kinda crazy considering how this book was a mass-produced comic book. The villain is Omega Red and his official first appearance is in X-Men #4. This book has been highly sought after when news hit that Omega Red might appear as a primary villain in the TV series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Can we find Omega Red in another comic? Could he have first appeared in an earlier book in this series? Is this book actually valuable?

x-men-omega-red-variant-first-cameo-1-194x300 Omega Red and His Forgotten Cameo, Plus X-Men #1X-Men #1 (Wolverine and Cyclops Variant)

This comic has an insert with a crouching villain front and center. It would probably take up three normal size comic panels. That villain is none other than Omega Red.  This deranged supervillain is a maniac and serial killer. His tentacles are similar to Wolverine’s claws in that they are made of a substance called Carbonadium, which is similar to adamantium. According to Wikipedia, his abilities are: regenerative healing, Carbonadium retractable tentacles housed in each arm, superhuman strength, and speed. As if that was not enough, he also has life force absorption. This is essentially the ability to secrete pheromones that result in sickness and death. “He was originally a serial killer named Arkady Greorivich Rossovich that was captured by Interpol and turned over to the Soviet KGB. They wanted to experiment on him and create a supersoldier like Captain America,” but with a deadly Axe body spray-like pheromone musk scent that drains the life from his enemies.

So let’s compare X-Men #4 with X-Men #1(Wolverine and Cyclops Variant.) What are the price point differences, and how far could this book travel to at least match the market price for X-Men #4? In addition, has this book been rising in value as the realization hits that it truly is his first cameo? This book has an early preview of Omega for his upcoming appearance in X-Men #4.  However, as this is his first real cameo in a coming attraction sort of way, then it might be argued this is his true first appearance.

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return 1-Year
X-Men #1(Wolverine and Cyclops Variant) 9.8 $84.99 4112 +22%
9.0 $55 166 +120%
X-Men #4 9.8 $142 2565 -2.8%
9.2 $28 211 +7.3%

omega-cameo-1-225x300 Omega Red and His Forgotten Cameo, Plus X-Men #1Conclusion

The word is out on X-Men #1(Wolverine and Cyclops Variant.) This early cameo presentation has been gaining buoyancy as a spec play for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, X-Men #4 is starting to look sickly almost as if Omega Red is squeezing it with a deadly Axe body spray tentacle of death.

In our match up the variant shows across the board rising prices over the last year. Here is the “kicker:” even in a grade 9.0, it goes for about $55.  For a Modern Age comic that is a tell-tale sign that it is on the rise and will continue to increase in value.  After all, think how many 9.0s probably exist, that is a darn good price as a seller. Also, it should be noted that I am not sure if the CGC Census is really taking this book into account. It may just be combining all the X-Men #1’s together from the 1991 version.

In the final analysis, X-Men #1(Wolverine and Cyclops Variant) grade 9.8 is beating the well regarded original cameo X-Men #4 by a solid 24.8%! You won’t need Carbonadium tentacles to pick up one at your local comic shop. More than likely, the price is still dirt cheap. In addition, with a percentage of the 8 million copies out there, this book is still abundant. Start scouring those LCS bins before you miss out speculating on this supervillain sociopath.

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Concert-POster-Footer-Option-1 Omega Red and His Forgotten Cameo, Plus X-Men #1


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Tom February 2, 2021 - 12:03 am

I looked through all 5 versions of X-men 1. The omega red cameo is also included in #1E with Wolverine and Cyclops cover with the fold out cover of all variants. The variants with the single covers 1A-1D all have a different centerfold and all centerfolds are collected in the fold out cover 1E. The Omega Red cameo appears in 2 variants 1C and 1E.

Mike February 2, 2021 - 9:14 am

The same cameo is in the collector addition as well.

Pop Sequentialism February 2, 2021 - 9:52 pm

Great call on this, Norm. It exposes yet another instance of overlooked reality. Back when this book was new, we (every comic shop employee) knew that the Cyclops/Wolverine edition was the one to have, and we knew it had extra content, but since so much of this market is driven by people who never actually read comics, it’s a constant game of manipulation–and GoCollect is a big part of this for frequently speculating prices with no sales history to back it up and for calculating FMV for a longer period than is actually relevant, which results in pricing that is mostly underrated and sometimes a factor in rapidly escalating spec prices.

brooks February 3, 2021 - 11:01 am

Does the deluxe version not have this pinup also? I need to dig mine out,


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