Old Soldiers Never Die: The Old Guard #1

by Norman Robinson III

image-300x232 Old Soldiers Never Die: The Old Guard #1 The 2017 comic book The Old Guard #1 has recently been put in the line up for none other than, Netflix. This story has a long-running series (no pun intended) written into its very DNA. We should see this on Netflix this coming July. For any speculator, investor, or even just comic book aficionado this comic series is worthy of a good read. It will probably be in movie format on Netflix, but who knows?

Before you jump into The Old Guard deep end, ask yourself one question; were you a fan of the original Highlander movie? If the answer is yes; then buy two copies of this puppy. Personally, I’m a big fan of Highlander and The Old Guard story is similar but so well written it comes off as very unique. In a nutshell; a squad of immortal soldiers who just can’t die. Their bodies seem to be able to heal from almost any wound. Led by Andy a 13th Century Scythian warrior over 700 years old. Their problem? An obnoxious billionaire (go figure) who is ready to ground them into hamburger meat to discover their immortal secret.

The Old Guard find themselves sought after by a wealthy billionaire trying to obtain their immortal secrets. The story, of course, will have flashbacks and is quite entertaining. I think it’s perfect for this summer and when it hits it’s going to explode the value of this comic. This story has really flown under the radar. Unlike poor Bloodshot that was planned to be a movie and ended up being a joke on pay per view; this particular series or movie on Netflix could reverberate and become a longstanding series. Something to look forward to on Netflix this summer. I believe in the quality of the story, and it could lead to a second season or even a third.




Old-Guard-2-300x232 Old Soldiers Never Die: The Old Guard #1The Old Guard #1

“Trapped in an immortality without explanation, Andromache of Scythia – ‘Andy’ – and her comrades ply their trade for those who can find-and afford-their services. But in the 21st century, immortality is a hard secret to keep.” -Greg Rucka

So pick up a copy of The Old Guard #1 it is cheap and easy to come by. Buy three copies if possible and hold them, at least until the second season on Netflix. Andy, the leader, will rock your world. Don’t worry these guys and gals aren’t running around with swords. They come armed to the teeth with modern high-powered weapons and prepped like an assault team. What’s not to like? Are you interested in my previous article six months ago on The Old Guard #1 (click here)?



I wrote about The Old Guard #1 about 4-5 months ago. They are still really cheap, and you should be able to find this in the dollar bins, even today. I picked up three or four copies in the cheapie bin recently. Once your LCS opens check for any copy of these immortals. My guess is it will be a hot series that most people like. My prediction? Maybe we can hit a triple-play (triple the value) with this comic book in 9.8 grade CGC. Take a look at these stats if you have some doubt about these ancient warriors:

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census % Catalyst Return
The Old Guard #1 9.8 $99 135 100% confirmed Netflix July +30%
9.6 $29 135 100% confirmed Netflix July +4.3%


692682_26c339cd4870fcc853d1497e8532b0c93437e13d-195x300 Old Soldiers Never Die: The Old Guard #1Conclusion

The Old Guard #1 is a classic tale, written by Greg Rucka and art by Leandro Fernandez in 2017. It seems a lifetime ago, 2017, but this book was a fun read. It has increased in value positive +30% over the last three years. Further, check out the CGC Census, it is so tiny only 156 books! This book can break you even with a score of 9.6 grade. Which by the way happens to procure a decent positive +4.3% return trend. Take a ride with The Old Guard #1 it is a great story, okay speculation, and a solid investment.





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James Gardiner May 14, 2020 - 9:47 am

A Cracking read , looking forward to the Netflix show. Don’t forget the gold foil variant its quite rare , think it was 1 per store.

Norman Robinson III May 15, 2020 - 4:18 pm

Hey thanks, I will make a note. Always great to get a note from a fellow fan. Great story! Thanks, Nam


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