Oh, the Carnage! of Comic Collecting

by Michael Vlachakis

171460_e1e49a430fd60272eb29e16a8e07f9530d5ea8b8-195x300 Oh, the Carnage! of Comic CollectingSpider-Man, Spider-Man, collect everything with Spider-Man you can.  I think that is how the theme song goes.  If it is not, they may want to think about changing it.  Spider-Man will be a constant in comic collecting for the rest of time, so make sure you are on board and ready for the future.  If you are not into the hero himself, there is a diverse set of villains that you can collect instead.  One of the most popular is Venom, and like a chain of Baldwins, he is getting the whole family involved.  Let’s meet Carnage!

There seems to be a bunch of hype about the upcoming Venom sequel and the prospect of fan-favorite, Carnage, making an appearance.  Carnage made its first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #361 when a spawn of the Venom symbiote bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady.  The new symbiote magnified the horrific mindset and insanity of its host and became stronger and more violent than the original.

The Carnage symbiote has had multiple hosts over its time in the Marvel Universe.  Most recently the symbiote was bonded with Norman Osborne, who even decided to put a little bit of that evil into his grandson Normie.  Normie may soon emerge as the new iteration of Carnage, after a stint as the Goblin Childe (I prefer Lil’ Goblin).  It will be interesting to see if they continue jumping the character into new villain hosts for a change or if they decide to go back to a more traditional Carnage.

Copies of Amazing Spider-Man #361 have been prevalent on the market and tend to sell at a mostly steady price point over time with the book trending up over the long term.  Fair Market Values for this comic sit at $350 for a 9.8 graded copy. Following the release of the Venom movie, there was an uptick in value for a short period of time, with copies even selling into the $500 range.  That has mostly settled back down for now with copies selling in the high $300’s and low $400’s.  A newsstand variant of this book does exist and carries a market premium.  Properly identified newsstand copies are selling in the upper $400’s when listed.  With the high census number that exists, especially in the upper grades, it is best to have patience if you want a copy and wait for an auction scenario, or a seller who lists it low for a quick sale.

We can expect Woody Harrelson to play Cletus Kasady in the upcoming Venom sequel.  That should be a good fit since we know that Woody can play crazy with a bit of demonic fun dashed in.  If they take the time to develop the Carnage character properly, it could make for some amazing storylines and struggles.  The bad news is, we still have no Spider-Man over at Sony to make a Maximum Carnage story or even just see the web-head try and sling jokes at a crazy, death-crazed symbiote on a rampage.  Still not sure what the plan is, but I still don’t get symbiotes sans Spider-Man.

Are you excited about the upcoming Venom sequel?  Do you hope that Carnage is rated R on screen?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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Vinny December 17, 2019 - 12:18 am

I hope they make carnage and it is dark and gritty Mcfarlane style


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