Oh Canada! Price Variants – Part Toonie!

by Michael Vlachakis

3356288 Oh Canada! Price Variants - Part Toonie!

Canadian Price Variants (CPVs) have definitely been gaining traction over the past few years.  Maybe now that the Toronto Raptors are NBA champs, CPVs will be the new rage in comics.  If you are new to the CPV game, you can catch up by reviewing my previous blog on the topic here.  When I was reviewing the open market, it appears that the CPV books which contain some sort of significance (ex: first appearance, #1 issue, etc.) have an extreme premium on market value when compared to their Direct Edition counterparts.  Below are some of the recent books that have been hotter than warm maple syrup.  Grab your lacrosse stick and lets go on a Canadian Price Variant adventure!

Thor #337 – This is one of the most popular books on the market today, it also has a highly sought after Canadian version.  CPV copies of Thor #337 have sold for $1000 while the Newsstand Edition have peaked at just over the $500 threshold.  That is a pretty nice exchange rate on the Loonie.

Alpha Flight #1 – I am a believer in the idea that Disney wants to market the next breakout team in the MCU, much like they did when they introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Why not Alpha Flight?  These Canucks had their first appearance in X-men #121, but the first issue of their self-titled series has a popular CPV.  Direct copies in 9.8 grades are selling on the open market for around $130, while the CPV is in the high $300’s.

Marvel Tails #1 – Peter Porker was the breakout star of the Into The Spiderverse movie, which was not related to the MCU.  Spider-Ham, however, did see some MCU sized gains in his first appearance book.  9.8 graded copies of Marvel Tails #1 were going for over $500 until they decreased a bit and settled around $380.  The extremely rare 9.8 grade CPV of this book in an off-white page color sold on eBay for around $700 (conversion rate estimate) and a 9.8 in white pages would be expected to fetch $1000 if not more.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 – Monica Rambeau has been a darling of collectors since the release of Captain Marvel.  The news that Rambeau may be included in future MCU offerings has piqued the desire for her comics further.  Her first appearance in Spider-Man Annual #16 has not been able to stay on the market for more than a day or two when listed and prices have seen a steady incline into the $400 range.  There are only 2 CPV copies, in 9.8 grade, listed on the census making the CPV version extremely rare when you compare to the 153 “regular” copies on the census.

The New Mutants #1 – I believe there is a New Mutants movie coming sometime in the future, but it appears to be as bad as the recent X-Men movies, so the studio is trying to fix or bury it right now…so whatever.  There is a CPV of this book, but I am, and I recommend you, staying away from this book in general.  Not all CPVs are made equal and should not to be considered as souped-up alternatives to a direct edition.  However, the market may behave counter to my thinking if and when a movie hits.

Do you collect CPVs?  Are you surprised by the premium on CPV books?  Who is your favorite Canadian export (Mike Myers for me!)?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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Batman August 12, 2019 - 11:04 pm

Michael, I am very happy that you mentioned C.P.V.’s because these are, by far, SCARCER than direct or US Newsstand copies. These are not reprints but first prints and printed with the same ink and on the same printers as their direct and newsstand copies. When given a choice I always seek out the C.P.V. first and foremost prior to a US Newsstand or direct edition. I really hope you write more about these scarce books because a majority of these comics are still very undervalued and there’s lots of potential for large price increases (more so for key books in high grade).

When discussing sales of books from the 1980’s and 90’s, it would be great if you and the other writers from Gocollect could mention if a Canadian Price Variant of the book exists, stats and how much it sold for!

Thanks for your time…looking forward to reading more about this space from you! Keep up the great work.
P.S. A Marvel Tails 1 (9.8) White pages (mislabeled) sold for more than $1000 USD last year…keep in mind it was also mislabeled to top it all off so people were not certain if it was a true CPV or a US newsstand !

Ran August 13, 2019 - 11:51 am

Love cpv and hope you guys write more articles on this . The hunt for them makes collecting fun again !

Dale August 13, 2019 - 11:11 pm

I’ve been collecting these for 3 years now. I’m happy to say I have all the ones on your list, including New Mutants #1 🙂


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