Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool

by Matt Tuck

011823I-1024x536 Oddball of the Week: Lady DeadpoolDeadpool 3 will see the Merc with a Mouth enter the MCU Multiverse, and the odds are high that Lady Deadpool will make her live-action arrival.

Here at the Oddball of the Week Awards, we (and by we, I mean just me) pride ourselves in spotlighting the many quirky, zany characters from across the comic spectrum. They don’t get much more quirky than Deadpool, but he’s far too famous for this prize. That’s where Lady Deadpool comes in, and she’s long overdue for an Oddball. 

Lady-Deadpool-Liefeld-art-e1673751201703-234x300 Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool

Hailing from Earth-3010, Wanda Wilson is the Deadpool of her universe. Instead of being a mercenary, she’s actually leading a rebellion against a corrupt United States government. Eventually, she joins other Deadpool variants to form the Deadpool Corps and later the Deadpool Family. That makes her perfect for Deadpool 3. After all, we know the movie will deal with the Multiverse, which will likely be used to explain how Wolverine is back from the dead and how the pair wind up in the MCU. That makes Lady Deadpool an oddball with serious collecting potential, beginning with these issues.


Deadpool-Merc-with-a-Mouth-1-195x300 Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool

Oftentimes, collectors have to search for both the first appearance and the first cover appearance and debate which one will be the better investment. In this case, Merc with a Mouth #7 is a one-stop shop for those Lady Deadpool firsts. Here you have her comic debut, and she just so happens to be on this cover, which is an homage to the cult classic film, Trainspotting. As a bonus, you get other firsts, such as Major Deadpool, General America, and Earth-6466 and Wanda’s own Earth-3010, all of which could be featured in Deadpool 3.

This is a great spec issue to own, and you can grab a graded 9.8 for a little over $200 at the moment. 


Prelude-to-Deadpool-Corps-1-195x300 Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool

In her second appearance, Lady Deadpool and her epic ponytail embraced the concept of the Deadpool Corps as the two Multiversal variants became more or less a super-couple. With Loki and Sylvie having been the first variants to become romantically involved, it only makes sense for Deadpool to poke fun at the concept with the Deadpool Corps. 

There hasn’t been a recorded sale of a 9.8 since one sold for $100 in September, but that will change in the near future, I’m sure.


Lady-Deadpool-1-194x300 Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool

In an unlikely turn of events, Lady Deadpool got her first self-titled series in 2010. If we get even a hint that she will be arriving in the MCU in some fashion, her key issues and their FMVs will instantly ignite. As Merc with a Mouth #7 gets harder to come by, at least at a reasonable price, it will send collectors to the welcoming shores of Lady Deadpool #1.

To this point, there haven’t been many grades changing hands in the past year. The last time a 9.8 was sold, it brought $150 in November. 


Deadpool-Family-1-192x300 Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool

One way or another, we’re going to meet the entire Deadpool clan now that he’s in the MCU. The jokes pretty much write themselves with these guys, and we all know how much Marvel Studios values its jokes…even the bad ones. Here, the likes of favorite minor characters and Deadpool variants Kidpool, Dogpool, and Zombie Deadpool were brought together as a happy, psychotic family.

Since there aren’t any firsts here, this will be the easiest issue to come by. In fact, there hasn’t been a graded 9.8 sold online since 2021 when it was purchased for $75 that October.


Once Deadpool steps into the Multiverse, we’re likely to find anything and everything. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a plethora of obscure characters littered throughout the movie, many of which will take a deep dive into Google before we get the references. That would fit not only Marvel Studios but Ryan Reynolds’ style of humor as well.

That’s going to make it fun to guess which ones we’ll see in Deadpool 3, but my money remains on Lady Deadpool.

Annual_Membership_Footer Oddball of the Week: Lady Deadpool*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Kenloi January 26, 2023 - 6:29 am

i bought the Prelude Corps 1 when it came out. Got the 1:25 (just in case), read it and always thought why did i buy it (at virtually cover price). Didn’t realise it was Lady Deadpool’s 2nd appearance..Not a fan of most of Liefelds work but there are 2nd and 3rd print Merc with a mouth 7 Liefeld variants.All with Wanda centrestage. Probably low print. Wade meets her for the first time in the story in this issue. You are right her blonde ponytail is epic..Also correct she is very undervalued at the moment…For the movieverse her first name may have to be tweaked as it is the same as the Scarlet Witches….


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