Oddball Auction Items: Heritage’s September 25 – 26 Comic Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

092222D-1024x536 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage’s September 25 - 26 Comic AuctionWelcome back to this week’s Oddball Heritage Items! Each week, we look at the unique items in Heritage’s weekly comic event auctions — after all, there is a treasure or two to be found in these auctions! In the past, we’ve looked at a wide range of fun and unique items such as napkins, toy lots, spinner racks, and more. There’s always something new and unusual in these weekly auctions, so let’s see what we can find this week!

Buck Rogers U-235 Atomic Pistol

Screenshot-2022-09-22-113550 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage’s September 25 - 26 Comic Auction

A Buck Rogers U-235 Atomic Pistol has been on my want list for going on 20 years now — and this is a fine example of this item!

When Buck Rogers made his debut in 1929, imaginations took flight across America. With a marketing opportunity at their fingertips, the first Buck Rogers toys were released in 1933, and in 1935 kids finally had a chance to own their very own raygun.

The first of many Atomic Pistols was the XZ-31 Rocket Pistol, which premiered at the American Toy Fair and retailed for a staggering 50 cents — this toy would roughly sell for $10 today with inflation. Replicas of the famed Atomic Pistol have come out since then, but there’s nothing like the original!

Toys from this era tend to last, even if they’ve been played with. This toy pistol is made of metal but doesn’t show heavy signs of rust. When these pop up at auction, expect to pay over $150, especially for one in this condition. This gently loved item is noted as being in FN condition, with light wear and tear.

Hedorah Glow in the Dark Vinyl Figure

Screenshot-2022-09-22-113727-184x300 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage’s September 25 - 26 Comic Auction

Vintage Japanese vinyl figures are extremely popular collectibles, but they can sometimes be out of our price range.

Replicas are a common thing, and newer homage vinyl figures come out on a regular basis. Super7 has been recreating vinyl and collectible figures for some time now, and their take on this Hedorah glow-in-the-dark vinyl figure knocks it out of the park. This item is perfect for any Godzilla or general kaiju fans!

Typically, Super7 Japanese-inspired vinyl toys fetch between $50 – $100 in auctions, making these surprisingly affordable. If you’re looking to invest, you might be sitting on these for a while, but they are admittedly super cool.

This week’s auction features a few more Japanese vinyl figures, including a vintage Mantango figure, and a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Baragon vinyl figure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Series 1 Figure

Screenshot-2022-09-22-113921-231x300 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage’s September 25 - 26 Comic Auction

The first series of TMNT figures are the figures to own if you are an action figure collector, investor, or just a TMNT enthusiast. Their value seems to increase with every passing year, and for over 30 years, the turtles have remained relevant in pop culture. This first series, released in 1988, was something I wasn’t just yet old enough to play with.

The series featured all the main players including the antagonist, Shredder. After all, you couldn’t be a crime-fighting turtle team without your number one arch nemesis! This AFA graded 80 near mint is an outstanding piece from this set, and should be on every fan’s wishlist. While I can’t say Shredder is a figure I would invest in, this figure will likely still break the $100 mark.

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