Oddball Auction Items: Heritage’s Aug 21 – 22 Comic Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

081922B-1024x536 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage's Aug 21 - 22 Comic AuctionWelcome back to this week’s Oddball Auction Items on Heritage! Every week, we go through Heritage’s weekly comic auction to find the most unique and interesting items. In the past, we’ve looked at toys, napkins, and some more unique collectibles. This week’s pickings are heavily toy-focused with a few pre-code surprises thrown in. Let’s see what cool items are in store for us this week!

EC Fan-Addict Related Group of 6

Screenshot-2022-08-19-114155-293x300 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage's Aug 21 - 22 Comic Auction

Are you a fan of EC Comics? This set includes some unique items from the 1950s, including a Fan Addict Pin, a coverless copy of Frontline Combat #3, a Jokes from the Crypt digest, as well as Shock #1, a Membership Certificate,  as well as a Membership Announcement. Per Scoop, the Membership Certificate reads as:

“The National E.C. Fan-Addict Club in solemn recognition of his/her/its stubborn, hopeless, and pitiful addiction to E.C. magazines, does hereby grudgingly bestow on ______ a Life Membership, together with such rights, privileges, and benefits (be they what they may) with ordinarily accompany such membership (be that what it may)”

A few short years later, Seduction of the Innocent was published, forcing comics of all genres to pull the reigns in significantly. This is a truly unique piece of pre-code fandom, and would be perfect for any collector!

Pre-Code Classics Hardcover Edition Group of 17

Screenshot-2022-08-19-120326-205x300 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage's Aug 21 - 22 Comic Auction

Looking for a chance to read some pre-code horror? This set of 17 hardcover books from PS Artbooks is packed with reprinted chills and thrills, perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! I have a few of these books in my collection, and without a doubt, these are beautiful books that bring the original comics to life, and they look great on my bookshelf. This set includes:

Beyond volume 1
Beware volume 2
Weird Thrillers
Dark Mysteries volumes 1 – 3
Frankenstein volume 6
Ghostly Weird Stories
Mister Mystery volume 1
Weird Tales of the Future
Mysteries Weird and Strange
Spook volumes 1 – 2
Web of Mysteries volume 2
Weird Mysteries volume 1
Weird Terror volumes 1 – 2

These hardcovers were published in the 2010s, and Heritage has them listed as in Excellent condition. These books generally sell for $20 – $40 on eBay, so this could be a huge gain for the right winner.

Doctor Who Daleks Collectible Figures group of 2 

Screenshot-2022-08-19-120438-269x300 Oddball Auction Items: Heritage's Aug 21 - 22 Comic Auction

The Daleks have been torturing Doctor Who and his companions since the 1960s, and are still on the prowl to this day! The iconic British robots have been on tee shirts, mugs, bedsheets, and of course figures.

Dalek figures aren’t all made equally, and this set has two uniquely collectible items! This figure set includes a 9″ tall Eaglemoss figure from 2020, as well as a clear Type 1 Deviant Clear Dalek, limited to 15/50, measuring in at 11″. Heritage notes these both as being in Excellent condition.

A similar Eaglemoss Dalek figure sold for $100 in June of 2022 on eBay, while comps on the clear Dalek are harder to find. This would make a great addition to any Doctor Who collection!

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