Oddball Auction Items – Heritage: July 24-25 Comics Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

072122F-1024x536 Oddball Auction Items – Heritage: July 24-25 Comics AuctionWelcome back to this week’s Oddball Heritage Comics Auction Items! This week, we’ll be looking at some items you may have overlooked for July 24th and 25th, including magazines, memorabilia, and more! These weekly auctions are a great way to get critical books and issues you may need for a collection, but they’re also a terrific resource for other items found under the Memorabelia and Magazine tab. Last week, we looked at Marvel Spider-Man napkins as well as a Beatles LEGO set, so let’s see what goodies we can find today.

1991 Spider-Man Standee

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Cardboard standees can be a fun way to show off your favorite comic book character. When I was a child, my dad bought me an Archie standee from our local Suncoast, and he still stands proudly in my childhood bedroom.

Standees aren’t cheap, either. Archie was around $40 back in the 1990s, so I don’t doubt this Spider-Man was around the same price as well. Some standees can go for big money depending on what they are.

This Spider-Man standee is said to be 70 inches tall and in fine condition per Heritage. If you’re looking at this item for your own collection, expect to pay between $60 – $100. This may not be the most collectible item, but it certainly is a fun conversation piece!

Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game Modules 

lf-2022-07-21T102251.114-e1658413485594-263x300 Oddball Auction Items – Heritage: July 24-25 Comics Auction

Role-playing games are a huge part of nerd culture, and just about every major series seems to get its own RPG. Marvel and DC have RPG games, with some dating back several decades. These Marvel Super-Hero Role Playing Game Modules include Secret Wars, Secret Wars II, Concrete Jungle, Fault Line, Night Movies, Campaign Book, Battle Book, and New York, New York.

Heritage lists these as being in very good/fine condition, perfect for both collectors and players. RPG books can fetch a bit of cash on the collectors market, so this may be a good pick-up for a future resale. Secret Wars itself averages around $30 on eBay, while Concrete Jungle recently sold for $35. This set could easily sell for between $120 – $150, and may be worth hanging onto.

Marvel and Others Book and Magazine Box Lot

lf-2022-07-21T102725.661-e1658413709218-251x300 Oddball Auction Items – Heritage: July 24-25 Comics Auction

I personally love buying bulk lots of magazines or comics. There’s a certain thrill to finding out what goodies come in the box. This mystery box contains Marvel Super-Heroes Computer Fun, Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Special, Penguin Book of Comics, and more.

The lucky winner will get 45 items in total, giving you plenty of end-of-summer reading.  Heritage notes these books varying in grades, with the bulk being fine/very fine. While we don’t have a concrete idea of what this bulk lot will ultimately sell for, it wouldn’t surprise me if it ended at around $100. There are also duplicates in this box, so you could possibly make some of your money back.

This is great for people who love mystery boxes — or for people looking to gift out vintage magazines to their friends!

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So what will you be bidding on this week? Are you a fan of oddball items like I am? Let me know in the comments below.

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