Obscure Villains

by Norman Robinson III

673440_iron-fist-15-195x300 Obscure Villains

The new Luke Cage Season 2 critic preview has dropped; it looks exciting: great soundtrack, fabulous acting, the addition of Heroes for Hire and Misty Knight still in the picture, way to go MCU! Several relatively obscure villains from the Iron Fist comics might make good speculative buys. Currently, bloggers are claiming that Bushmaster and Nightshade will appear as villains for the 2nd Season of Luke Cage (source:CBM).

Bushmaster is another brick like Luke and will probably have some great fight scenes and challenges for our hero. This obscure villain first appeared in Iron Fist #15 (1977). The issue was written by Chris Claremont with pencils by the team of Dave Cochran and John Byron both marvelous artists of the Bronze Age and beyond (GoCollect).

Speculators can also take heart; there is a catalyst for these two villains, Season 2 of Luke Cage is coming soon. The current value of Iron Fist #15 is all over the map with 162 sales records over the last five years. In that time the best return has been a 9.4-grade. This near mint grade is currently pushing north of $120 (GoCollect). In the previous 6 months, a 9.0 has returned 75% ROI. Over the last two years, lower grades have returned an ROI value of 8.3%. You can purchase a very fine minus copy for about $15 currently (eBay).

Luke Cage is one of those underrated properties of the MCU. Masterful directing, and editing, the absolute best guy to play him and a strong supporting cast. Best of all the stories have rhythm, flow and make sense for the character. Though currently, relegated to a series; I could easily see this become a movie. Pick up the first appearance of Bushmaster relatively cheap in a 7.5 grade at only $20. Make sure you get a copy before Powerman receives a beat down by Bushmaster on Season 2. Own a copy of the first appearance of one of Cage’s arch enemies on the cheap, even a near mint plus like 9.6 grade will only set you back $155 (GoCollect).

Queen of the Werewolves

Tilda Johnson was a natural at science and eventually came under the control of the villain Yellow Claw in Harlem. Her first appearance was in Captain America #164 (1973). The script is by the impeccable Jim Starlin and art from the giants Romita and Weiss. Apparently, this character started as an evil scientist and was led down a path that gave her pheromone mind control powers over men and the ability to transform human beings into werewolves. Hence, Queen of the Werewolves known as Nightshade, and a potentially scary villain to confront.

During the comic, she almost defeats Cap with her pheromones getting him to turn against his buddy the Falcon. But they eventually beat her and the Werewolf pack. Tilda a.k.a. Nightshade has been greenlit for the next season of Luke Cage along with the Bushmaster as mentioned earlier.

I think this character is going to be a big hit. The Werewolves would make interesting opponents. Or even just using her pheromones and evil science against Luke Cage could provide one heck of a showdown, Sweet Christmas! The first appearance of Nightshade is too cheap not to buy.

Currently, Captain America #164 shows a 7.6% increase in 9.4 grade for this issue over the last several years (GoCollect). The highest copy sold to date is a 9.6 that went for $172 (GoCollect). The returns have shrunk and are pretty weak now, currently, a 9.4-grade copy selling for $119!

Warning: there appear to have been limited sales in the last 24 months, only a total of 11 issues sold. However, this could be a sought after comic once this obscure villain appears on the screen. After all, the current market cost isn’t very much risk or cost for near mint for this issue. Considering it would already be slabbed and graded for $119; what is not to like? Sniff the pheromones, avoid the werewolves and pick up a high grade copy before the show airs?

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