Now is the time to pre-order THE FUSE #1

by Jeff

DEC130485 Now is the time to pre-order THE FUSE #1Media Release — The first issue of THE FUSE is in this month’s Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue. That means between now and the order deadline of December 18, comic stores will place their orders for THE FUSE #1.

This is why we call it pre-ordering; because stores have to place those orders two months before the book actually gets released, and those orders are not returnable.

This weird kink of the comics business is why creators like us ask readers like you to place pre-orders for our books at your local store; because if a retailer guesses wrong, and orders more copies than they sell, they’re stuck with them. That makes retailers understandably cautious about ordering new titles; and that is why customers like you going into the store and telling them you want to pre-order a copy helps us.

Pre-ordering tells your retailer that readers are interested in a book. If enough readers place pre-orders, the retailer may even increase the number of “extra” copies they order to put out on the shelf, for browsing customers to buy.

So, how do you place a pre-order? It’s really simple. All you actually need to do is talk to your retailer and tell them. But if you’re not used to pre-ordering, that can be daunting. So we’ve made a PRE-ORDER FORM to do the work for you. Just print out the PDF, fill in your details, and give it to your retailer.

(Some retailers may ask you for an up-front deposit, especially if you don’t already have a “pull list” — that is, a regular list of titles that the retailer “pulls” out of the weekly delivery and puts aside for you to collect. If this is the first time you’ve ever pre-ordered, congratulations! You now have a pull list 🙂

If you’re a digital reader, you can’t technically pre-order as such; but it doesn’t matter so much, because there’s no scarcity with a digital storefront. So the best way you can support THE FUSE is to buy #1 the day it comes out (February 12), and SUBSCRIBE to the series if your preferred digital service has that facility (Comixology definitely does, for example).

Here are the links you need:

Download a PDF of the preorder form here. Then print it out, fill in your details, and give it to your local comic retailer.

– You can read a trailer for THE FUSE at the book’s website

– And here’s the full solicit for THE FUSE #1.

Thanks for listening — see you in February!

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