Nothing Can Stop Hulk!

by Norman Robinson III

711662_totally-awesome-hulk-22-2nd-printing-195x300 Nothing Can Stop Hulk!

The remarkable rise of Totally Awesome Hulk #22 (second print) with artist Robert Gill and writer Gre Pak has been stunning and been a nice return on investment. Five months ago this issue was hot; it even stayed in place as the number one most popular recent comic over the last four months. The strange thing about this book is that the second print is also skyrocketing. Is this totally awesome; or just weird it is hard to tell? Gill’s cover naturally kicks butt and looks fantastic and tells the whole story on one page making you want to purchase TAH#22 (second print).

In an earlier blog, I warned readers about purchasing second prints by mistake. However, some second prints are worth a glance as potential speculative vehicles. TAH #22 (second print) is one of those seconds worth a look. In the past a slabbed NM grade has a steep slope of an ROI with phenomenal returns. During December 2017 a 9.8 CGC copy second print TAH #22 sold for $30.25; fast forward February 9th, 2018 just a little more than a month later and that same book is going for $149.99. Yikes! This comic’s ROI is expanding just like the Hulk in a rage.  I am ringing the warning bell, remember the numbers are slightly skewed with only six total sales of high end near mint copies over the last three months.

However, you can’t touch TAH #22 on eBay in a raw copy for less than $50; and the TAH #22 (second print) yep at best maybe $10 to $12 in fine to very fine. On a side note, the second print of TAH #22 has blue lettering on cover FYI. The bottom line, it can’t hurt to purchase at least two copies of the second print remember “nothing can stop Hulk!”

Bounty Hunter Cool

I find the concept of the bounty hunter just incredibly cool. He or she, is a combo of pure capitalism meets pure grit to bring villains to justice. The hero that does it for the money. The bounty hunter Boba Fett is the Steve McQueen of cool in the Wars franchise. Today we are looking at Star Wars #68 the re-intro of Boba Fett. The script was by David Michelinie and pencils from Gene Day. This comic pumps life into Boba much later in the Star Wars comic book series.

This bounty is a gimme, you don’t have to encase your comic in carbonite to be part of this speculation. The last three months have returned 16% for only a very fine (8.0) and as much as 27% in near mint (GoCollect) SW #68. Other grades have seen mixed results, but if you purchased this comic for .60 cents initially, you got your bounty in hand.

Currently, this book Star Wars #68 grappling hooked its way to the top 100 favorite comics of all era’s. Fan favorite Boba Fett has climbed 250 spots to break into the top at the 97th ranking (GoCollect). This issue is a minor key at best and well on in the series. Any completists out there are already smiling as everything they own is increasing in value. Throw your net over a copy of Star Wars #68 and collect the bounty for this re-intro of the coolest bounty hunter of the Galaxy.

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