Non-Superhero Comics Making Waves

by Blaise Tassone

686238_8728bd3d5593e189308ffa867acc46999b873807-195x300 Non-Superhero Comics Making Waves

While this age of Peak-Geek has been very good for all things Super-hero, the cape and underwear genre isn’t the only one currently enjoying a renaissance. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are also enjoying something like a Golden Age. More and more fantasy and science fiction themed comics are finding their way to a broader audience via adaptations to television and movie deals.

In this post I want to take a look at three fantasy/sci-fi comics that may be breaking out of the comic page and making their way to either the small or big screen in the near future. Currently these comics are all easy to find and fairly affordable – if the projects being developed are successful any one of them could prove to be a valuable investment.

Aleister Arcane #1 [IDW] (April 2004)

IDW comics published this back in 2004. With a script by Steve Niles and art by Breehn Burns the comic tells the story of Aleister Green a weatherman from Jackson Oklahoma who becomes Aleister Arcane: the host of a late night horror fest. After losing his show, he is forced to retire but may have put a curse on Jackson and it’s up to the local kids to find out why.

Amblin Entertainment is eyeing this comic for a movie and, barring production problems or other hurdles, will bring it to the big screen. Jim Carrey will apparently be both starring and producing. The returns are starting to shoot up. A 9.2 sold for $14.95 in January of 2017 but the last recorded Ebay sale in June fetched $32.95, a rise of 120.4%. If the film is released, and is well received, prices could jump much higher.

Bodies #1 [DC-Vertigo] (July 2014)

Si Spencer (Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, The Vinyl Underground) teams up with artists Dean Ormston, Phil Winslade, Meghan Hetrick and Tula Lotay to bring us this murder mystery with a twist. Set in London, England, Bodies is the story of four detectives in four different time periods trying to solve four different but connected murders. One body, four epochs ritually murdered in 1890, 1940, 2014 and 2050. Rumors were that Hulu had taken an interest in bringing this Vertigo comic to the small screen with Robert Downey Jr. mentioned as helping engineer the adaptation. Right now it’s returns on investment are a positive 42.9% but very few CGC sales have been recorded. You can get this Vertigo comic for around $20.00. Currently it’s a bit iffy gauging whether or not the live action series will happen. If it does, expect prices to rise.

Animosity #1 [Aftershock Comics] (August 2016)

In the tradition of Watership Down and Animal Farm, this comic from Marguerite Bennett (Bombshells, InSeXts A-Force) and Rafael de Latorre (Superzero) is a sci-fi allegory. On its surface however, Animosity is the tale of a strange road trip taken by a girl (Jesse) and her talking dog (Sandor). In fact it’s not just the dog that talks, this comic features many talking animals. After an event known only as ‘the Wake’, the many billions of animals on the planet learn to talk (and they’ve all been keeping up with human politics and popular culture too). If you liked the ‘Planet of the Apes’ idea, this takes it to another level, so you may enjoy it. Legendary films is developing this comic featuring talking animals into a feature film. Marguerite Bennet is probably best known for her work on DC’s bombshells and Marvel’s A-Force. In turning Bennet’s dystopian tale into a movie it will be interesting to see what happens to the price of the book which is already trending upwards. The last 9.8 graded copy sold for $129.00 just last week, giving that grade a 91% return on investment from one year ago.

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