No Hero Can Best Me!

by Norman Robinson III

128910_77006958ca5c8fe07ddc592847d2db7e8274e91c-197x300 No Hero Can Best Me!

Shazam #28 is the second appearance of Black Adam, and his first appearance as a villain in DC Comics. The script and art are by the team of E. Bridwell and Kurt Schaffenberger dated 1977. Black Adam is essentially the nemesis to Shazam’s Billy Batson; he is considered the strongest of all the superbeings on Earth.

Such a prominent character has, of course, created a media frenzy regarding who will play Black Adam in the next movie. As there already exists a film for Shazam in the works in 2018, as I mentioned in a much earlier blog. There is even the talk of a Black Adam solo film.

Apparently, Dwayne Johnson is showing interest in potentially wanting to play the Black Adam character; this represents a massive catalyst for this comics: Shazam #28 and Shazam #1. Can’t we all just imagine Johnson shouting Shazam! Due to his involvement, the interest in these comic books has been feverish.

Dwayne Johnson is wanting to do his solo movie producing Black Adam as a stand-alone movie, and Johnson seems to be onboard (source: DC Extended Universe wiki). These blurbs are probably pure speculation, but that is what we do here. As of yet, there is nothing planned in 2018 for a Black Adam movie. However, if he appears in Shazam in April of 2018, this would represent a catalyst for this back issue first appearance.

Current prices for this comic have risen in the lower-grades 8.5 to 6.0 as high as 19.8%. Shazam #28 pricing has been costly with the 1970’s book going for over $500 in a near mint plus grade 9.6 (GoCollect). In comparison, the same comic different grade of 7.0 (fine to very fine) shows a recent price of $150 and a rough return of 19% over the last three months (GoCollect). Unfortunately, if we go out on a two-year time frame we primarily see declines in low-grade, and high-grade comics only a 9.8 at $975 shows a slim return of 4.2%.

There appears to be room for a short-term speculation play. Perhaps buy now in a grade of 8.5 and then sell at the time of the Shazam movie in April; or, you could buy and hold for Black Adam info to be released. The Rock is no joke as a movie draw. He will get people to see any superhero movie as the guy is already super-sized. Remember readers, “No hero can best Black Adam!” (Injustice Wiki), and perhaps this speculative play is as powerful as his deity Amon which gives Black Adam his super strength.

Second Printings TMNT

One of the best second prints to own is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (second print), Eastman and Laird are the creative team, and this comic also has a pin-up by Laird and Foster. TMNT #2 published in 1984, and the inside editorials by the creators are an exciting read on starting a self-published or nearly self-published comic.

You would think this franchise would lose its luster over 33 years later, no chance. This TMNT #2 is going strong as ever. Talk to any of your kids or nephews, or nieces, and they know who the turtles are and their names! A shock I know. I thought this would not make it out of the eighties.

This franchise has a minimal number of first, second and third printings. Part of the reason for the increased price in a second print over time is the lack of copies even available to read. For instance, CGC census has a total of 423 books to date from this print run. That is such a small amount it drives price.

Additionally, over the last five years, specific grades have returned an adequate profit. Anything below an 8.5 has gone up as much as 342%. Yep, that is not a typo, over 300 percent!  If you consider you can pick one up for under $100, this seems like a pretty safe bet.

TMNT #2 is ranked most popular Bronze Age comic currently (GoCollect) up by a startling 527 ranks to number 187th. Having risen that far in a little over three months is astonishing for this back issue. Carve a slice of the TMNT pie for yourself and buy a copy of this rare second print today. Cowabunga dude!

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