NIGHTWING’S Tim Seeley goes exclusive with DC Comics

by Jeff

685186_320 NIGHTWING'S Tim Seeley goes exclusive with DC ComicsMedia Release — After an incredibly successful Comic-Con International: San Diego, DC Entertainment has even more good news to share with fans as writer Tim Seeley has reached an agreement to create content solely for the company’s DC and Vertigo imprints.

“It’s really exciting to see the level of talent that continues to choose DC as their creative home,” said DC Entertainment Editor In Chief Bob Harras. “Tim Seeley is an incredible storyteller and I’m very proud to have him as part of our Talent family.”

Along with co-writer Tom King (BATMAN, Vertigo’s SHERIFF OF BABYLON) and artist Mikel Janin (BATMAN), Tim Seeley set the comic book world afire with his conversion of Dick Grayson from superhero to globe-trotting super spy in the pages of GRAYSON from 2014 to 2016. Now teamed with artists Javi Fernandez and Marcus To, Seeley returns the character to his superhero roots in the pages of NIGHTWING, where the debut story arc finds the hero learning new methods from a new and more ruthless teacher named Raptor, in “Better than Batman.” This October, Seeley will also be delivering a qruesome and stylish return to the 80’s as writer of THE LOST BOYS, the sequel to the cult classic vampire film.

“Working with DC for the past several years has been a total pleasure, and has allowed me to collaborate with some of the best editors and writers and artists in all of comics,” said Seeley. “DC has given me the opportunity to work on some of my favorite books, including Batman, Robin War, Nightwing and The Lost Boys, as well as nurture my desire to create new content. This made it easy to call DC my new creative home.”

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