Nightwing: Keys Straight out of Bludhaven

by Matt Tuck

032822A-1024x536 Nightwing: Keys Straight out of BludhavenNightwing is poised to step out of Batman’s shadow on the silver screen. The first order of buying business may be Tales of the Teen Titans #44, but don’t ignore those other Nightwing keys straight out of Bludhaven.

The gossip has been churning for years, but it seems that Nightwing’s time in the mainstream spotlight has come. Whether it was a Bludhaven name drop in The Batman, seeing Dick Grayson trade the yellow and green for blue and black on Titans, or the allure of a feature film, which reportedly is still on the table, there’s excitement in the air for the former Robin. That interest will trickle over to the collecting world, and there are more keys than just Nightwing’s first appearance. Check out these Nightwing keys that could get a bump from the coming boom.

tales-teen-titans-44-first-app_1_288a08554f10eb2178d673786755d819-192x300 Nightwing: Keys Straight out of Bludhaven


No question, this will be the first Nightwing key to feel the heat from his DCEU stardom.

We’ve seen Tales of the Teen Titans #44 gain traction on the Hottest Comics index in the past year thanks to HBO Max’s Titans, but it won’t compete with the attention a movie gets him.

When collectors begin targeting Nightwing’s key issues, Dick Grayson’s first appearance as Bludhaven’s resident vigilante will be at the top of the wish lists.

The current FMV of the CGC 9.8 is $550, with 1,018 9.8s listed in the CGC census.

Nightwing-Alfreds-Return-1-197x300 Nightwing: Keys Straight out of BludhavenNIGHTWING: ALFRED’S RETURN #1

Here is an issue that isn’t talked about, but it could be in for some climate change.

Nightwing: Alfred’s Return #1 doesn’t offer much in the way of story, but it is the first time Nightwing had the top billing on a comic. To that point, he had been used almost exclusively in the Teen Titans issues; this is a shift for Nightwing to become a star in his own right.

With the inflated price for character debuts, it has raised awareness for other firsts, particularly those first solo titles.

There are only 8 copies registered in the CGC census.

Nightwing-1-1995-195x300 Nightwing: Keys Straight out of BludhavenNIGHTWING #1

Once Nightwing reaches the big screen, it should have a ripple effect across his key issues.

With first appearances getting so expensive, Nightwing’s other firsts should get a quick boost. This issue from 1995 marked the inaugural issue of Grayson’s first limited series.

Again, Alfred’s Return has the distinction of being the first time we see Nightwing’s name on the title, but Nightwing #1 is focused solely on him.

The CGC 9.8 has seen a slight increase in interest over the last year. Sales averages have moved from a 1-year of $132 to 90-day of $148 and 30-day avg of $174.

Nightwing-118-192x300 Nightwing: Keys Straight out of BludhavenNIGHTWING #118

Here is an interesting development in Nightwing’s history. Instead of Dick Grayson sporting the black and blue costume, it’s Jason Todd under the mask.

We know a Nightwing movie is in development, but there could be more to come for Nightwing in The Batman universe. With Bludhaven already mentioned and Robert Pattinson’s interest in adapting A Death in the Family, that could add up to Jason being Matt Reeves’ Nightwing.

In that event, this issue would become much more intriguing. 


The DCEU is benefitting greatly from The Batman’s box office success. Factor in the publicity from Michael Keaton’s return to his time as the Dark Knight in The Flash and Batgirl, and we get a clear picture that the Bat-family is poised for a major impact on mainstream audiences.

What’s more is that both of those movies reportedly will feature versions of Dick Grayson. That clearly paths the way for Nightwing ahead of his feature film. It means big things to come for the former sidekick.

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