Nightwing #150 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Nightwing #150 REVIEW

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Nightwing #150
DC Comics
Tomasi, Kramer, Leisten & Ramos

An excellent issue. Sure, the arc has been all about Two-Face, but this issue reads so well that it really could be a stand alone. We get a good plot device to drive the action and the crime, plus we get some good character interactions and some great foreshadowing. It’s such a solid issue I would recommend this even if you don’t normally read or follow Nightwing. It’s a very good comic.

sep080127d Nightwing #150 REVIEW

The issue begins with Nightwing getting suited up to find Two-Face. Barbara Gordon pays Dick a visit and the foreshadowing commences. Dick’s voice starts sounding like Bruce’s, his body is all cut up and torn apart like Bruce’s and he even looks older and a lot like Bruce in this issue. Draw your own conclusion. The interaction between Babs and Dick is very good and helps to establish a good baseline for the character’s relationship.

Next up is Two-Face fighting with himself, much like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Two-Face decides he has to find Nightwing and kill him.

Nightwing goes out on a date with his girlfriend when Two-Face springs his intentions on the city. Nightwing leaps into action and it closes the potential for some meaningful interaction with his girlfriend. This could have added more to the story, but instead we get more parallels to Bruce with the no time for the ladies mantra.

The issue concludes with a chase in the air and a good old fashioned fist fight. Nightwing stays true to his character right through the end.

The comic has some interesting developments, such as the conversation Two-Face has with Nightwing. It appears he knows Nightwing’s identity, or at least that he was Robin. This helps set up the possibility that if Dick were to become Batman, Nightwing would have to “die”.

The artwork was tremendous. Dick shows the confidence of Batman and the tired look of someone who is driven past the point of exhaustion. The coloring is also incredible. The comic mostly takes place at night, but the coloring gives the illumination as if the moon is lighting up the sky the whole time. It tells an excellent visual story for the battle scenes. Dick’s will to defeat Two-Face is all over his face. It’s brilliant.

This is a fun read and is worth the extra buck for the padded page count. I’m pleased with the story and the execution. The only thing I can think of that makes this tie to RIP is that it hints very heavily on the fate of Nightwing. I highly recommend this comic.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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