Nick Cuti Seeks Publisher For “Moonie” Comic

by Jeff

Social Media Release — Camden, NJ, March 23, 2009 — Nick Cuti, creator of E-MAN, MICHAEL MAUSER, CAPTAIN COSMOS and writer of countless anthology stories, and Henry Kujawa, creator of STORMBOY and the sci-fi tv parody 2230, have collaborated on a brand-new MOONCHILD THE STARBABE comic. Cuti is currently searching for a publisher for what he hopes could be the first of several fun, eye-popping projects.

MOONIE, who’s been around in one form or another since 1966, combines sci-fi wonderment, an almost child-like innocence, and huge gazongas. She appeared in the French magazine SINGULIER-PLURIEL, several issues of MOONCHILD COMICS, fanzines including OTHER SCENES, BLAST!, WEIRD FANTASIES, POOR RICHARD’S ADZINE, and in the late 70’s, several issues of CHERI magazine. Since then, old & new adventures have appeared in a pair (AND WHAT A PAIR!) of mini-series from Forbidden Fruit (1992) and Mu Press (2003). Most recently, her early appearances were collected in the limited-edition MOONCHILD AND OTHERS from Walter J. Wentz.

The new story, “QUANTUM QUEENS”, was, as always, written by Cuti, while the animation-style art by Henry Kujawa involved a combination of 2D figure-work and 3D backgrounds! Kujawa credits Doug Wildey’s work on JONNY QUEST as being a major inspiration.

The project actually started life when Nick saw the work of 3D artist Sally Reynolds, who wound up dropping out of the project. Kujawa, who initially supplied the backgrounds, at one point decided “Enough of this!” and surprised Cuti by finished the art entirely on his own. The book has been aching to see the light of day ever since!

Cuti has also completed a scipt for a 65-page graphic novel follow-up, while trying to find an outlet for the 24-page short story.

Cuti currently resides in Florida, working on low-budget movies. Kujawa is unemployed & looking for a “regular” job to pay the bills.

Part-time writer-artist-publisher Henry Kujawa had this to say…

Well, Nick Cuti gave me the go-ahead to do whatever I could to help find a publisher for this book…

Nick wrote the story (“full script”), I did– EVERYTHING else. Nick also did a painting for the cover, in a size & shape where he
suggested a tribute to the old EC sci-fi comics– so I gave him exactly what he asked for! (Blast off!!!)

This is a LOT of fun– 24 pages of story, plus extra features in the back. Lots of good old-fashioned “sci-fi” fun, SEXY babes, and loads of 3D computer-generated backgrounds. Here’s some samples of the interior art:

MOONIE has been around, off-and-on, since 1968– as seen here…

Everybody here probably knows (or has heard) that the industry is in the dumps these days. All the same, if anyone here knows of a publisher who might be interested in putting this out, please contact Nick at…”

For additional information, contact Artist Henry Kujawa at Zodiac Comics, 1202 Everett Street, Camden, NJ 08104,

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