Newsstand Edition: Spawn #1

by Norman Robinson III

692363_spawn-1-newsstand-edition-199x300 Newsstand Edition: Spawn #1As recently as five days ago Todd McFarlane assured fans the “money is ready” for a new Spawn movie. However, trying to “agree on the script” is another matter. Previously, Spawn fans everywhere were waiting for news of a Spawn movie, and this tidbit will drive the prices higher. The catalyst of a movie has already sparked a positive return trend for Spawn #1. After twenty years of nada; this issue is rising like a zombie from the grave. The comic book has crawled out of the back issue bins and dragged its weary corpse up to your favorite comic shop’s wall-book shelf. Spawn speculation is rampant. Not the least of which is the rare newsstand edition. Does this book match or far exceed the profits of a subscription copy, should we bet on the Spawn #1 (Newsstand Edition)?

Spawn #1 (Newsstand Edition)

This edition quite simply was part of a dying breed, the newsstand comic book. Yes, I am that old. Back in the day 80s to mid-90s, many comics were still being sold on a hard metal rack. They were encased in plastic, usually a mix of comics from roughly the same genre and sold at hardware stores, bait shops, and grocery stores, even Woolworths. The good ole days.


spawn-comic-page-banner-300x164 Newsstand Edition: Spawn #1During the 80s specialty stores were created for purchasing comics and began to catch on. Hobbie shops, sports autograph stores and yes comic shops. These retail outlets ordered comics for folks to come into the stores once a month and pick up their subscription. This trend over time eradicated the newsstand comic books taking them out of the stores and giving them their own specialty outlets for distribution. As time went on less and less of these newsstand issues even existed. Eventually, they went the way of the dinosaur. The stores continued to sell high-end magazines but comics were gone forever from the “rack.” The end result is some comics created at the end of the newsstand era are now more valuable than their subscription brethren due to rarity.

(Definition: Wall-books are special keys or hot issues protected behind the counter of your retailer due to high value.)


692363_spawn-1-newsstand-edition-199x300 Newsstand Edition: Spawn #1

Spawn #1 (Newsstand Edition)

Long-Term Return Trend:

  • Grade 9.8 $375 FMV returns positive +30.7%
  • Grade 9.6 $170 FMV returns positive +7.6%
  • Grade 8.5 $60 FMV returns positive +26%
  • Grade 7.0 $60 FMV returns positive +148.7%!!!





692364_spawn-1-195x300 Newsstand Edition: Spawn #1Spawn #1

In a heads up match Spawn #1 versus Spawn #1 (Newsstand Edition) the newsstand edition dominates the matchup. Malebolgia has little to do with this twist of fate, the subscription Spawn has nothing on its newsstand brother.

Spawn #1

Long-Term Return Trend: 

  • Grade 9.8 $100 FMV returns positive +17.7%
  • Grade 9.6 $55 FMV returns negative -3.4%
  • Grade 8.5 $24 FMV returns positive +33.4%
  • Grade 7.5 $20 FMV returns negative -47.5%


The consistency here is literally every grade Spawn #1 (Newsstand Edition) has three times the FMV value of the regular copy. Another way to look at it the newsstand issues are worth 200% more. Further, the percentage returns on the newsstand edition are more profitable across the grades except for the 8.5 grade. The newsstand edition has staying power, even without the mention of a possible movie on the horizon. One very astute investor, a young man I can’t name here so we will call him Mr. X. summed up future speculations well:

“Norm… we buy well in advance of the hype, now Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer issues are the keys to own. But you need to figure out the big future hit that may come along and buy those years in advance.”

Mr. X is a true investor. Nowhere is his speculation strategy more salient than with the Spawn #1 (Newsstand Edition). This book has not even begun to rise. When the movie hype hits it will explode and drive everything to the side. Buy now, before the horde of speculators stream from some Malebolgian Hell and beat you to it.


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