New York Times Spoils Secret Invasion #8

by Jeff

The New York Times has revealed the ending of the Secret Invasion miniseries, the final issue of which will be released tomorrow. Do not read any further if you do not want the ending to be spoiled!

sep082358d New York Times Spoils Secret Invasion #8
Secret Invasion #8 (of 8)


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The Marvel comics mini-series “Secret Invasion” concludes Thursday with a twist ending: The world has lost faith in Iron Man, who was unable to prevent an infiltration by shape-changing aliens, and turns to Norman Osborn, the Spider-Man villain known as the Green Goblin, who delivers the final blow to the extraterrestrial threat. The events put Osborn and a cabal of nefarious allies in charge of the Marvel universe. The “Secret Invasion” series has been a best-seller for Marvel; its first issue sold more than 270,000 copies. So what will its author, Brian Michael Bendis, do for a follow-up? “What we really need to do is spend some time with the characters and deal with the aftermath of all that’s happened,” he said in an interview. “We need to dig deep down and see what they’re made of.”

  c2b-foot New York Times Spoils Secret Invasion #8

Sadly, the Comic Book Bin spoils even more…

B8146C56-AA0E-4185-949D-C0F925AAB694 New York Times Spoils Secret Invasion #8clipped from
The Queen Bee is dead, long live the queen. This issue, Janet van Dyne, the glamorous founding Avengers and sometimes sidekick and wife to Dr. Pym also known as Yellow Jacket dies. The Skrulls had implanted in her a dangerous disease that they could activate at their behest should their invasion of planet Earth fail. And fail it did. The coalition of super heroes got the upper hand and defeated the Skrulls remnants while putting everything back in place. Now, it’s the villains’ time to shine.
  c2b-foot New York Times Spoils Secret Invasion #8

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