New Year Resolutions for the Comic Collector and Investor

by Joseph Overaitis

010323B-1024x536 New Year Resolutions for the Comic Collector and InvestorIt is that time of year for new beginnings. The new year is when people make resolutions to improve their lives.  Comic book collectors and investors should do the same.  No matter how successful you are, there is always room for improvement.  Here are a few resolutions that most comic book collectors and investors should consider to improve their skills.

1. Collectors should become sellers

The shouts of blasphemy must be raining down in many residences.  Collectors collect; thus, they never ever get rid of items from their collection.  These individuals claim they would rather lose a spouse and a child than get rid of one item for their collection.  That should change in 2023.

Reason for Change

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Collectors should ask themselves what they want and set that goal to get it.  Is owning a complete run of  1970s Bronze Age Thor in 9.4 grade worth not owning his first appearance in high grade?  Many collectors settle for runs or what is in their collection because it is safe.  Collectors should re-evaluate now what would bring them greater joy.  There is always a new hill to climb and sometimes that thrill will be better than past successes.

My Confession

Holding on to an insignificant run of high-grade Bronze Age Uncanny X-Men when the chance to own a raw Iron Fist #14 (35 cent variant) that would grade at 7.5 or above was available.   My tastes changed and now I do not even collect those books anymore.  What a wasted trade chance.

2. Investors should re-think the MCU

The MCU is the driving force in comic book collecting and investing. That is a fact.  The question is how long this trend will continue. Many investors stick to their formula of success and never deviate from it.  Evolution is more than a biological process.

Reasons for Change

Frank Tanana was a former major league pitcher known for his fastball when he was young.  Injuries could have cost him his career, but he changed because of his new limitations. His fastball at the end of his career could be timed by a calendar rather than a radar gun. The MCU, right now, is important to comic book investing, but what happens when that is not a fact?  There is a whole world of DC Comics and independents that offer great investment potential that is currently ignored. Exploit these opportunities and develop new skills that may be useful later.

My Confession

Screenshot-2023-01-01-155554-195x300 New Year Resolutions for the Comic Collector and Investor

Eternals #1 was a book that could not miss right?  The characters were created by Jack Kirby.  The price to obtain high-grade books was not that expensive. The MCU is the driving force in comic book investing.  This was a tried and true formula that had worked before, so what happened with my book? It may have been that more remote 3rd-tier characters are not investment-worthy or this book may now serve as a canary in the mine-type of example for the future investment potential for the MCU.  The numbers were there but turned into fool’s gold. DC comic books have all been ignored, so maybe now is the time to look to them.

3. Identify and learn from past mistakes

Even with all the tools at one’s disposal, mistakes will be made.  People can either ignore their mistakes or learn from them. The problem is that ignoring negatives will not make them go away.  I always spend my time learning what I did wrong so that I do not repeat my mistakes.

Reasons for Change

Look to see where past mistakes were made to see if a pattern develops. I study numbers, so I like to think I keep number mistakes to a minimum. Where I have to eliminate my mistakes is in over-estimating opportunities. Golden Age and certain genres of Silver Age books may show up in the census, but that does not mean they come to market often. I have to target these books when they become available and maybe eat some of the profits I may experience with other books. My missed opportunities reduce the chances to land those books.

My Confession

Diversification is always a good investment strategy.  This allows one to spread out the risk. That was the plan, but sometimes evolution must be Stephen Jay Gould’s punctuated equilibrium rather than the gradual changes most people think of when discussing evolution. ‘Evolve or die’ is a truism. Every comic book marketplace interaction has to be evaluated on the fly.  Behaviors have to be modified based on the situation.  That means if you have a chance to purchase a piece of Amazing Spider-Man original comic book page artwork that you never seen before, then you buy it instead of focusing on Silver Age books you can purchase on eBay every single day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Stupid Joey!!!

4. Broaden your horizons

20150817223242-shutterstock-228015952-1024x683 New Year Resolutions for the Comic Collector and Investor

A new year means new opportunities.  This can mean many things to comic book hobbyists.  Comic book hobbyists seem to fight change and new experiences.  That should change with the new year.

Reasons for Change

Supporting your local comic book store is a good thing.  The problem is how you know WHAT local comic book store to support if you only have ever visited one?  You may be a die-hard Marvel buyer but have you ever looked at other publishers? Professional athletes always want to add a new skill to their toolbox so that they can expand their game. What have you done to improve your game?

My Confession

Some of my greatest finds come from going to conventions.  The reason for this is that I have the chance to meet many different retailers in one location.  During that time, I can talk to them and find out what they specialize in as well as other characteristics of their operations. I have come across many stores that I would gladly purchase raw books from because they are more concerned about losing customers rather than the one sale. They toughly grade books to earn their buyer’s trust.

Every month, I try to find one new retailer to visit to see what I might be missing.  I have found many a treasure and grail as a result of these visits.  I would have missed these items but for my willingness to get out there.  I plan on doubling that effort this new year. Golden Age and rare Silver Age keys may be pricey, but imagine finding them at a very fair price at a store.

So What about You?

I always value the reader’s input.  Many great ideas come from the comments section. What are the new things you will try this upcoming year to improve your hauls? I would really love to hear from you on how you plan to improve your buying and/or selling for this new year.

Finally, to all the GoCollect readers, I want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!!!

What are your collector resolutions? Let us know in the comments!

Upgrade2_Footer New Year Resolutions for the Comic Collector and Investor*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Kenloi January 3, 2023 - 12:35 pm

Hi joseph Happy New year. Hmmmmm 2023…New things to try this year ? I suspect like many a collector it will be branching out further afield to travel to find those hard to find honey holes with real bargains, as income will be tighter.Tougher research wil be key to find my must haves. As a hoarder i only find nm raw copies and don’t accept lower grade from the bronze age unless dirt cheap.Silver and golden the highest grades i can find for the amount i can afford ( Not a lot). Always looking to see if a press or clean will be useful down the line.Also learning more about wet cleaning techniques on older comics to improve them long term. My local go-to has brilliant friendly staff, that let me in early to dig .I have frequented this store over 10 years and they have now a constant refreshed back stock of all eras.Covid they did’nt but are now getting their mojo back. They allow me to remove the comics from the bags and check them over and read them.This will be the year for digging finds. Pretty boring really but i get a real buzz when a sleeper find appears. I am also getting a vibe that the slabbing companies are beginning to lose favour with parts of the community, as their prices are rising and waiting a year to get back sometimes damaged goods is totally unexceptable. This may mean more raw hoarding of key comics this year in collections. Have your experiment sends returned yet ?

Joseph Overaitis January 3, 2023 - 12:40 pm


I always love your comments because they are very insightful. In regards to the CGC experiment, I have had some returns while one book still is in the process of being graded. I also through some secret curves to keep people honest that will have to be disclosed in my article I am writing. I owe it to our readers to keep things honest and truthful and thus why I did some secret things to keep everyone on their toes.


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