New Rumors Have Constantine Keys Trending

by Matt Tuck

Justice-League-Dark-John-Constantine-300x156 New Rumors Have Constantine Keys TrendingA new rumor has fueled speculation of a Constantine sequel, and that has DC’s favorite mystic trending in the collecting world.

Peter Stormare, who played Lucifer 15 years ago, posted a picture of himself to social media that has turned heads. The post reveals Stormare in full Lucifer makeup with the caption, “Sequel in the works.” Could this be confirmation of Constantine 2 after almost two decades? Or is Stormare just generating interest in his Instagram account?

At the time of this writing, neither DC nor Time-Warner has commented, so both possibilities are up in the air. While we wait, let’s check on prices for those high-level Constantine keys.

Swamp-Thing-37-195x300 New Rumors Have Constantine Keys TrendingSAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #37

The first full appearance of Constantine is always a favorite. Even better, it was part of the famed Alan Moore Swamp Thing run. That gives you two reasons to want this comic. Prices have been inflating for years due in large part to the endless movie rumors. 

Looking for a high-grade Swamp Thing #37? It may already be out of reach. The 9.8 has a three-month average of $1,123, doubling 2018’s $511 fair market value. Prior to 2020, the near-mint-plus had never sold for more than $775, but that was eclipsed on September 3 with a $1,302 sale. 

There is a large drop in price between the 9.8 and 9.6. It is a much better deal, considering a 9.6 has only minimal differences compared to the 9.8. While the 9.6 has doubled its FMV in two years, its $424 90-day average is nearly a third of the 9.8’s price tag. It also is a much more popular option, having sold 69 times in the past year whereas the near-mint-plus has just 24 sales in that span.

Swamp-Thing-25-195x300 New Rumors Have Constantine Keys TrendingSAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #25

Constantine collectors may put his first appearance at the top of their wish lists, but Swamp Thing #25 should be second. This issue marked Constantine’s first cameo appearance well before making his full debut.

For a fraction of the cost of those high-grade Swamp Thing #37s, you can have the true first appearance of Constantine, albeit a brief appearance. The 9.8 has already sold 15 times this year, and it has so far peaked at $250. Over the past 90 days, it has averaged $193, so it is far gentler on your holiday budget than #37. 

Wanting something closer to $100? You only need to scale back the grade to a 9.6. In the past three months, it has an FMV of $108, and the most recent sale was for just $95. At these prices, this is a bargain. 

Swamp-Thing-49-196x300 New Rumors Have Constantine Keys TrendingSWAMP THING #49

If the Constantine sequel rumors pan out, this issue will reach a new level of collectibility. 

There have long been whispers of a Justice League Dark live-action movie. Last year, acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro said he had finished co-writing a JL Dark screenplay before the project was axed. Bringing Constantine back to movie theaters would all but cement a JL Dark team-up movie. That would drive prices through the roof for the group’s first unofficial appearance.

Compared with Constantine’s first cameo and full appearances, Swamp Thing #49 is flying well under the radar. As high as a 9.8, this comic is averaging just $132 over the past 90 days. However, the last sale was for $150, and that could be an indication that the prices are about to inflate.


Until DC or Warner Bros. confirms anything for John Constantine, all of this is just hearsay and speculation. It reminds me of those persistent Moon Knight rumors that swirled for years before his Disney+ show was announced. That may be the case for Constantine. Like Moon Knight, we may have to be patient, but eventually John and JL Dark will make it to live-action.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled New Rumors Have Constantine Keys Trending

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