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by Jeff

This February, free speech goes on trial in Iowa. That’s when Christopher Handley, a private collector of manga, will stand trial against government allegations that the comics in his collection are obscene. Mr. Handley faces up to twenty years in Federal prison for the alleged possession of these comic books. If convicted, a new precedent could be established that will make it easier to prosecute individuals for possession of art. A conviction could also establish a profound chilling effect in comics and other creative art forms. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is fighting against the establishment of such an adverse precedent by aiding Handley’s defense. As Special Consultant to Handley’s counsel, the CBLDF is providing the First Amendment and manga expertise crucial to his defense. Please help us fight this very important case, and bolster our resources to defend against future threats by making a contribution today.

To thank you for supporting our important work, we are offering a brand new signed print by Peter Kuper to everyone who contributes $25 or greater between now and Feb 8. An internationally known illustrator, Peter Kuper’s work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and Mad where he illustrates Spy v. Spy every month. These prints will be signed at the New York Comic-Con and sent to our supporters immediately after the show.

Protecting Freedom of Expression is a never ending battle. With your support, we can continue the fight.

Please contribute to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund today –

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