New original SILENT HILL mini-series debuts in October

by Jeff

AUG100356 New original SILENT HILL mini-series debuts in OctoberMedia Release — This October, IDW returns to Konami’s horror masterpiece with Silent Hill: Past Life. Written by Silent Hill 8 (working title) videogame co-writer Tom Waltz, this four-issue monthly series expands the Silent Hill universe with all-new characters, as well as an exclusive peek into the back-story of a Silent Hill in-game character.

Jebediah “Hellrider” Foster is a violent outlaw in the Dakota Territory of 1867. When he falls for a godly widow who longs to escape from the Wild West to an abandoned family home in Silent Hill, Foster follows-but peace is not what awaits.
“This is my third foray into the creative side of the Silent Hill universe,” said Waltz, who also wrote IDW’s most recent Silent Hill comic book series, the popular Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward. “Each new journey into Silent Hill is always a unique experience, be it in the games or in our comics, and Silent Hill: Past Life is no exception. We’re not only telling the first full-length Silent Hill historical tale, but we also have the unique opportunity to crossover the comics and game universes with a special cameo appearance by one of Silent Hill 8’s important characters.”

Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward will be the first time an in-game character has guest-starred in the comic series, creating an even better experience for fans. Added Waltz, “It’s not Jebediah. Curious fans are going to have to get the comics to find out.”

Joining Waltz on the creative duties for Silent Hill: Past Life is brilliant artist Menton3 (Zombies Vs. Robots Aventure), who brings the horror and the drama to life. Justin Randall will provide incentive covers for each issue.

“As excited as I am for folks to read my story, I’m twice as excited for them to see Menton3’s amazing artwork,” Waltz said. “Like me, Menton was a huge Silent Hill gamer before he became a Silent Hill creator. We’re both real fans whose dreams of helping expand our favorite franchise have come true!”

Silent Hill: Past Life #1 (of 4, 32 pages, full color, $3.99) will be available in stores in October. Diamond order code AUG10 0356.

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