New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your Keys

by Matt Tuck

New-Mutants-movie-poster-300x153 New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your KeysThere’s big news for the X-Men as the oft-maligned New Mutants movie is reportedly part of the MCU, and that has massive implications for the cinematic future. Let the mutant speculation commence.

The buzz in the Marvel fandom is that Disney stated in its D23 newsletter that New Mutants is in the MCU. However, as Newsarama pointed out, there is a chance that the newsletter’s author could have misinterpreted things and assumed it is an MCU entry without having full confirmation. Nevertheless, it is intriguing to think that the New Mutants could kick off a new chapter of the MCU and herald the coming of the X-Men.

As far as speculation goes, this could set the fires blazing for your New Mutants keys. Eventually, Marvel/Disney will set the record straight. If it is confirmed, those N.M. keys will break the proverbial ceiling.

While we wait for Kevin Feige to clear things up, here’s your shopping list.

Marvel-Graphic-Novel-4-227x300 New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your KeysMARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4

No question, this is the comic to have when it comes to the New Mutants. Published in 1982, the New Mutants first appeared as part of the Marvel Graphic Novel series. In this issue, Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod debuted Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Moonstar, and Sunspot, all of whom will be major characters in the upcoming movie.

Want a copy to call your own? A 9.8 has a 90-day fair market value of $692, and it last sold for almost $800 in December. If you want to bring your capital under the $100 mark, go for the 8.0. At the moment, it has a 90-day average of $85, though the last sale was in November.


Magik-1-1-192x300 New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your KeysMAGIK: ILLYANA AND STORM #1

Although she first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 as Illyana Rasputin, she would gain notoriety when she debuted as Magik. She has been a fan favorite ever since, and she’s taken on a bigger role in the current Jonathan Hickman X-Men run. Considering her fan base and her added importance in the current comics, she could be on her way to bigger things going forward.

There is some debate as to which is her true first appearance as Magik. A number of sources point to Magik: Illyana and Storm #1 from 1983 while others note it as New Mutants #14.

Overall, Magik #1 is the more cost-effective issue. The 9.8 has been gradually increasing in value, and it carries a 90-day FMV of $90. However, the last sale was for $100, so it’s still on the move. If you don’t want to spend that much, everything from a 9.6 and lower is no more than $40.

New-Mutants-14-194x300 New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your KeysNEW MUTANTS #14

Magik #1 predates New Mutants #14, but N.M. #14 is the higher-priced collectible.

A 9.8 is currently averaging $216, and the most recent sale was for $255 earlier this month. If you’re willing to compromise on the grade, everything from a 9.6 and below have FMVs less than $100. However, a 9.6 sold for $109 on January 9, so look for it to get much more expensive in the near future.




New-Mutants-1-195x300 New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your KeysNEW MUTANTS #1

This isn’t the team’s first appearance, but this is the landmark premiere to the ongoing series. What’s even better is that it’s much more affordable than Marvel Graphic Novel #4. At a 9.8, it’s averaged $86 over the past three months, and the last sale was for $61 in January. For those prices, it’s worth adding to your collection.






New-Mutants-18-197x300 New Mutants in the MCU? Time to Stock Up on Your KeysNEW MUTANTS #18

True, Demon Bear had his first cameo appearance in New Mutants #3, but his full debut was in N.M. #18. The word is that Demon Bear will play a big part in the New Mutants movie, and that will give this issue a boost once the world gets a look at him. If the movie is a hit, that will help it even more.

The only grade that has seen any significant changes in value is the 9.8. After averaging $91 in 2019, it has a 90-day FMV of $107, which is still less than its 2018 year-end value, but it’s on the way up all the same. As far as the other grades, the 9.6 has averaged $51, and it only goes down from there.


Up to this point, basically, no one was excited about the New Mutants movie. In fact, it looked like a “lame duck” that was caught in the transition between Fox and Disney. With a link to the MCU, it’s worth getting excited for, and that hype will carry over to the X-Men’s key issues.


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