New Look At Bendis and Oeming’s TAKIO

by Jeff

TAKIO_Cover New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIOMedia Release — On March 2nd, the powerhouse creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, take the comics industry by storm with their first all-ages graphic novel – TAKIO! When two sisters from a multiracial, adoptive family drive one another to the brink of insanity, is there anything that can bring them together? Well after a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime accident gives them real-life superpowers; the world’s first superheroes will be closer than ever! Perfect for comic fans of any age, Takio brings together Bendis’ acclaimed trademark dialog with Oeming’s fan-favorite art style for an action packed adventure like no other!

With its release right around the corner, the masterminds behind Takio are teeming with enthusiasm!

“As exciting as it was to stretch my writing muscles and help create this new modern all ages superhero world, I am most excited for people to see a new side to the entire Powers crew,” explains writer Brian Michael Bendis. “This book is so good looking.”

Artist Michael Oeming adds “This has been an exciting adventure for me, drawing and creating with my extended family has added a whole new dimension to our work. One of the best times I’ve ever had making comics”

Can these two sisters put aside their differences, save the world and be home in time for dinner? Be sure to get in on the ground floor for the graphic novel that will have everybody talking, as Takio hits stores everywhere this March!

Pencils and Cover by MICHAEL AVON OEMING
All Ages …$9.95
FOC – 2/7/11, On Sale – 3/2/11

TAKIO_Preview1 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIOTAKIO_Preview2 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIOTAKIO_Preview3 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIOTAKIO_Preview4 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIO
TAKIO_Preview5 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIOTAKIO_Preview6 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIOTAKIO_Preview7 New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIO

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