New edition of THE DARK LAND now available

by Jeff

detail_10490503 New edition of THE DARK LAND now availableMedia Release — From Andrew Salmon, the acclaimed author of the “The Light of Men,” comes another gripping science fiction novel.

In the not too distant future, Earth is ravaged by a series of natural disasters that have decimated the population. To rebuild mankind, science has begun human cloning. They are created from the DNA of police officers and fire fighters; the goal… More >, to establish a new cadre of selfless guardians to protect the fragile remains of humanity.

Clones are grown with the memories of past lives erased so that they don’t have to carry around the baggage of lost tragedies. But something is wrong with C-Peter Reilly, grown from the cells of a Vancouver detective. He has memories of his first life, of his wife and children and the world before the devastation. Such information is taboo and should his secret be discovered, he would instantly be mind-wiped. Reilly must keep his painful memories to himself while coping mentally and physically with his “second” life.

Praise for THE DARK LAND. “Andrew Salmon has done it again. ‘The Dark Land’ is an excellent blend of noir crime fiction and hard SF, with the unmistakable spice of the classic pulp spirit. Plus which Salmon raises moral questions, and does not provide pat answers for them. This is a rare novel that both entertains readers, and makes them think as well.” Charles Saunders (Author of popular Imaro series.)

Originally self-published in a limited edition, Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers are proud to present this re-edited, new edition featuring a cover by Mark Maddox and interior illustrations by Victor Dandridge, with designs by Rob Davis. Airship 27 and Airship 27 packages and publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition. In the past, Airship 27 has released “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective”, “Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting”, “The Green Lama” and “Secret Agent X”. For more information on Airship 27, go to

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction for a New Generation!

ISBN: 1-934935-90-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-90-3
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers

Retail Price: $24.95
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