New creative team to take over on HAUNT

by Jeff

haunt-19-cov New creative team to take over on HAUNTMedia Release — Todd McFarlane Productions is proud to announce a new art team on its monthly comic title Haunt. Writer Joe Casey and artist Nathan Fox (Marvel’s Dark Reign: Zodiac miniseries) team up to steer the title into new directions and even darker territories!

With the announcement of writer Robert Kirkman and artist Greg Capullo’s departure after issue 18, McFarlane took on the arduous task of finding replacements for the superstar team. After an intense two month search, McFarlane found his new creative duo in Casey and Fox. The team is set to debut this September.

“Filling the shoes of Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo is a hard task, but I feel very fortunate that the new team coming on will keep the book flying high,” McFarlane commented. “I see it going down the pathway of the original Spawn book. Haunt is not going away. It’s the second monthly book I’ve put out of my company in 20 years that I intend on seeing all the way through to the end.”

“Haunt is still a relatively young series so there’s still a good bit of room to shake things up,” Casey says. “There’s an unpredictability involved that I’m really digging. And Todd has given us a generous amount of rope to hang ourselves with. But, oh mama, that’s where the fun is.”

“In terms of style, we are all looking forward to taking a bit more of a heavy black and graphic approach to the series than what readers may be used to.” Fox says. “Haunt is a great opportunity to combine both genres (horror & superhero), shake things up and see what comes out on the other side.”

Casey promises to turn Haunts’ world upside down starting in Haunt #19, as well as introduce new characters, threats and expansion of the Haunt mythology.

“Kirkman and Co. provided us with plenty of cool toys to play with, but Nathan and I are like bulls in a china shop so you have to expect a bit of breakage,” Casey says. “Plus, this isn’t the creative musical chairs that tends to occur at Marvel and DC. Todd wants us here for the long haul, and we’re happy to oblige. So we’re just settling in for a nice, dark ride that I hope lasts years.”

Haunt #19, a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, releases September 21st.

Todd McFarlane Productions

Todd McFarlane Productions is the company behind the monthly comic book Spawn. Created by Todd McFarlane, Spawn debuted in May 1992, selling 1.7 million copies, making it the bestselling independent comic book of all time. Spawn is published in nine languages and distributed in more than 32 countries. Currently, TMP releases the long-running Spawn monthly comic now in its 19th year. Other TMP titles include Haunt, Hellspawn, and Sam & Twitch.

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