New Avengers #43

by Jeff
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New Avengers #43
Marvel Comics
Bendis, Tan, Miki

Here we learn a great deal about Captain America we saw arrive on Earth with the rest of the 1970’s-80’s style heroes in the Skrull ship that crash landed in the Savage Land. If you’ve been reading SECRET INVASION, you will not want to miss this comic. If not, you should read it to find out why SI is welcoming good reviews and sales.


Turns out not all the heroes who arrived on the Skrull ship are humans. Some are Skrulls!

Yes, I know you knew that. This issue focuses on Cap, as we discover what happened to him while he was a prisoner of the Skrull empire. As we have seen, answers regarding to the Secret Invasion lead to more questions.

Are all the brainwashed, physically altered Skrulls who were sent on the ship to confuse and fool the heroes of Earth actually Skrulls, or are some them actual kidnapped superheroes? And if some of them are humans, when and how were they snatched up and replaced?

Bendis seems to be indicating they are all Skrulls, seeing as the Skrull Queen refered to them as “heroes,” but we shall see.

The art in this comic is spectacular. It makes me wish Billy Tan was drawing SECRET INVASION.

Two thumbs up.

may082305d New Avengers #43
New Avengers #43

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