New Alien, Predator and Prometheus comics will share a universe

by Jeff

ku-xlarge New Alien, Predator and Prometheus comics will share a universeMedia Release — Dark Horse is remaking the universe. Aliens, Predators, and Engineers will come together in 2014 when the Aliens, Predators, and Alien Vs. Predator comics get completely rebooted, along with the first Prometheus comic series, and joined together in a single continuity next year. We spoke with all four writers — Chris Roberson, Paul Tobin , Joshua Williamson and Chris Sebela — to get all the details.

All Aliens concept art by Patric Reynolds. Predator and Prometheus concept art buy Juan Ferreya.

Chris Roberson on Aliens

Io9: Are you keeping all of the original four movies as canon? Is there anything you’re dropping?

Roberson: Definitely, everything in the original movies is “canon” as far as I’m concerned. We won’t be directly referencing anything that happened with Ripley and company, but nothing that we’ll be doing will contradict or conflict with anything we’ve seen before, either.

So that means the charcters are all new, right?

Roberson: This will be an entirely original cast of characters. We might well have the occasional reference to someone that we’ve seen on screen before, but they won’t be appearing “on stage,” as it were.

Are there any major changes that will surprise readers of the previous Alien comics?

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