NBM: Trondheim & Sfar’s Popular Dungeon Returns

by Jeff


New Volume Features Artist Manu Larcenet;

Low Cover Price Appeals to New Readers

DUNGEON — Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar’s popular fantasy-comedy series — is back. The newest volume, PARADE Volume One: A Dungeon Too Many, is illustrated by top French humor artist Manu Larcenet (Ordinary Victories). The full-color, squarebound book carries the low price point of only $9.95, making the book a perfect jumping-on point for new readers.

1561634956.01.MZZZZZZZ NBM: Trondheim & Sfar's Popular Dungeon Returns
Dungeon Parade 1: A Dungeon Too Many
by Joann Sfar

DUNGEON combines suspenseful adventure with a spoof of heroic fantasy in telling the tales of a castle filled with monsters. Marvin the Vegetarian Dragon and his self-centered friend Herbert the Duck must defend the castle, whether they like it or not. The PARADE mini-series tells humorous shorter stories happening between the first two books of the Zenith main mini-series.

A Dungeon Too Many’s first story introduces an upstart who builds a rival dungeon next door. His dungeon is actually a theme park that attracts nearly everyone in the region — including Dungeon’s own creatures, much to the annoyance of their irritable boss, the Keeper. The Keeper’s battle against his competition (with the reluctant help of Marvin and Herbert) turns into slapstick madness.

In A Dungeon Too Many’s second story, Herbert acquires a magic lamp with one wish left. To determine the best wish, the Keeper orders Herbert and Marvin on a quest for a dying sage. When they find him, they get a surprise that even a magic lamp couldn’t predict.

Trondheim’s peers have honored him with the Grand Prize at the annual Angouleme comics festival. Meanwhile, Sfar has become a star with the success of The Rabbi’s Cat, published by Pantheon. Both also have titles coming out from Roaring Brook’s First Second imprint. NBM has been active in bringing out work by Trondheim, including his hit MISTER O and MISTER I, and his popular collaboration with Thierry Robin, the LI’L SANTA books.

New titles in the DUNGEON series come out every six months. PARADE Volume 1 is a 64-page, full-color, trade paperback, 6 1/2” x 9”, ISBN 978-1-56163-495-8, a publication date of April 2007, and a price of only $9.95.

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