NBM March 2008 Solicitations

by Jeff

The kind folks at NBM have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products shipping in March of 2008.

Metronome hits NBM in March
Plus: Boneyard’s last issue before hiatus;
Omaha the Cat Dancer returns

By Véronique Tanaka; Introduction by Jeff Smith
See the hypnotizing flash animation at www.nbmpub.com/metronome

Just when you thought that nobody could create something new in comics, here comes Metronome, the 64-page debut graphic novel by Véronique Tanaka: a “silent,” erotically charged visual poem, an experimental non-linear story using a palette of iconic ligne clair images. Symbolism, visual puns and trompe l’oeil conspire in a visual mantra that could be called “existential manga,” except that a very human and elegantly structured tale of a doomed relationship gives the cutting-edge storytelling a solid foundation. A gorgeous art book/graphic novel from a mysterious new artist. An experience not to be missed! For mature readers.

Black-and-white hardcover, 9” x9”, 68 pages, $13.95, ISBN

Boneyard #28
By Richard Moore
Richard Moore announces leave of absence from Boneyard!

Boneyard creator Richard Moore is taking a break to work on other projects; but first, he delivers Boneyard’s biggest issue yet! Can our hero, the merely human Michael Paris, save faerie princess ‘Lita from marrying the evil Unseelie prince? And who will save Paris? Could it be an infinite number of his sweetie Abbey?

Black-and-white comic book, $2.95

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Omaha The Cat Dancer, Volume 7
By Kate Worley and Reed Waller

Omaha and Chuck have been reunited, but a murder investigation and a battle brewing over the fate of their beloved “A” Block ensures that the lives of the Mipple City gang remain as complicated as ever. This volume contains the final four episodes in the series’ classic original run, in which sexual jealousy takes its toll on one relationship while the beautiful cat dancer gets a steamy New Year’s Eve surprise she’ll never forget. Celebrated for its literate and absorbing storyline and beautifully rendered “funny animal” characters, the sexy story of Omaha continues in this definitive reprint series, leading up to an all-new conclusion by Reed Waller, Kate Worley and James Vance being serialized Sizzle magazine.

Black-and-white trade paperback, 8 1/2” x 11”, 96 pages, $12.95, ISBN


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