NBM’s Announces New Writer And Artist Blog

by Jeff

NBM Publishing — home of bestselling graphic novelists such as Rick Geary (A TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER), Ted Rall (SILK ROAD TO RUIN), and Lewis Trondheim (DUNGEON) — has just started a blog by many of its star cartoonists. The bloggers will include Geary, Rall, Neil Kleid (BROWNSVILLE), Dirk Schwieger (MORESUKINE), Naomi Nowak (UNHOLY KINSHIP), Jesse Lonergan (FLOWER AND FADE), and David Axe (WAR FIX).

The blog, at http://nbmpub.com/blog/, contains fresh comics and commentary from the artists. In addition, the blog will replace NBM’s present news page (http://www.nbmpub.com/news/latestnews.html) and will announce NBM publications, author appearances, and other news.

“I’d like to think that for the first time anywhere we really are creating a community with this blog instead of just the editors informing their readers,” says NBM publisher Terry Nantier. “Each artist has direct access to posting entries on this blog. You can RSS a specific artist and talk with one or with all and the artists between themselves as if on a panel at a con! Our readers will be able to see snippets of our authors’ new works as they’re coming along. This is the true NBM community coming to our site, and I’m quite excited about it!”

The new works that the artists and writers are previewing on the blog include:

• TO THE HEIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN AGE, Jesse Lonergan’s memoir of life in the bizarre dictatorship of Turkmenistan.

• Naomi Nowak’s eerie graphic novel GRAYLIGHT.

• Neil Kleid and artist Nicolas Cinquegrani’s THE BIG KAHN. Kleid says, “It’s the story of what happens when a New Jersey rabbi dies and at the funeral, his family and congregation of forty years discover that he’s been conning them: he isn’t even Jewish.”

Blogging is nothing new to NBM. The company has published collections of comics blogs such as Trondheim’s LITTLE NOTHINGS and Schwieger’s MORESUKINE. NBM has even run selections from these blogs on its website.

The new blog is part of a tradition of innovation dating back to 1976, when NBM (under the name Flying Buttress) became the first American house to publish an ongoing line of graphic novels. Visit the company’s website for more news about the remarkable publications that NBM will present in 2009 and beyond.

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