NBM May 2009 Solicitations

by Jeff

The kind folks at NBM have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the March 2009 Previews, scheduled to ship May 2009.

Forever Nuts — Classic Screwball Strips presents: GEORGE MCMANUS’ BRINGING UP FATHER

MAR094376F NBM May 2009 SolicitationsBy George McManus; Introduction by Bill Blackbeard

You can’t top George McManus’s BRINGING UP FATHER for visual style and wild slapstick. Jiggs, Maggie, and their lovely daughter Nora are a poor Irish-American family who come into wealth. Jiggs wants to wolf down corned beef and cabbage with his old pals, but Maggie wants to make Jiggs respectable for high society — and enforces her wishes with a rolling pin. This deluxe volume presents every daily cartoon from the strip’s first two years (1913-1915), most of which have never been reprinted. See why comics experts consider McManus one of the greats.

Black-and-white jacketed hardcover, 11” x 6 ½”, 192 pages, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-556-6, Diamond order code MAR 09 4376

Also available are the other volumes in the Forever Nuts series:


By Bud Fisher

One of the most long-lasting and popular humor strips, MUTT AND JEFF was a triumph of goofiness and irreverence. Here’s a rediscovery of a true oddball classic.

“A real work of art. I love how these knuckleballs are always scrambling for 50 cents so they can get some ham and eggs. I thought Herriman was the greatest till I started reading Fisher’s working-scrub comics.” — Tony Millionaire, The Comics Journal

“A blast to read. There is a lively wackiness to them that still makes them funny today.” — Tim Janson, Silver Bullet Comics & Amazon.com

“Fisher really was a terrific artist and writer . . . creating material that truly set itself apart from others.” — Marc Mason, Comicswaitingroom.com

“Brilliantly constructed. . . . Just seeing Mutt gamely assert, ‘Jeff, we’re in soft, I just got a job as war correspondent,’ is enough to generate a smile of anticipation.” — The Onion

“The sharp pacing and sardonic wit in Fisher’s work set the standard for every newspaper strip that would follow.” — Washington Post

Black-and-white jacketed hardcover, 11” x 6 ½”, 192 pages, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-502-3


By Frederick Burr Opper

Happy Hooligan’s a well-meaning hobo who always ends up in hilariously bad shape. One of the most popular comic strips ever, HAPPY HOOLIGAN has influenced everything from Donald Duck to the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoons of Jules Feiffer — and it’s still delightful. This volume presents the best of Opper’s early, full-color Sunday strips.

“Required reading for anyone who takes comic strips as seriously as they deserve — and likes to laugh, too.” — Andrew Smith, Scripps News

“A remarkable talent.” — Rod Lott, Bookgasm.com

“The joy of the strip is in the way Opper sets up his dominoes before knocking them down.” — The Onion

Full-color clothbound hardcover, 11” x 7 ½”, 112 pages, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-542-9


jan083804f NBM May 2009 SolicitationsBy Richard Moore

After a long wait, here’s the last issue of BONEYARD before its indefinite hiatus. ‘Lita (friend of our hero, Michael Paris) has returned as a faerie princess betrothed to a creepy prince she’d rather not marry. When royal guards drag her away, Paris follows — and finds himself facing whole armies. But his lover Abbey, bent on saving him, is raising her own army. Don’t miss this big, super-sized final blowout!

32-page black-and-white comic book, $3.50, UPC 043016042169-28, Diamond order code MAR 09 4375

New From NBM’s Eurotica imprint:


Christian Zanier’s outrageous “Honey Lickers Sorority” concludes, while Baldazzini’s tongue-in-cheek “Casa Howhard” starts up a new story. Plus: More “Barbarian Chicks,” “Ogenki Clinic,” and “Omaha the Cat Dancer.” Also: the all-new erotic fantasy, “Corinne in Labyrintera.”

Quarterly black-and-white magazine, 8 ½” x 11”, 64 pages, $5.95, UPC 074470753032-42, Diamond order code MAR 09 4247

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