NBM and TWP interactive release interactive graphic novel

by Jeff

1005012061_P6 NBM and TWP interactive release interactive graphic novelMedia Release — Patrick Rabbit and his Dino friends presenting America’s 50 states in “Dinosaurs Across America” are now enjoyable on the iPad and as an E-book in a fully interactive version that may very well be the first interactive graphic novel ever published.

This book has been a successful fun tool for kids to learn about US Geography for years as a comic book Phil sold at his numerous appearances around schools and libraries across the country advocating for literacy through comics. NBM then contracted with Yeh to do the full color hardcover graphic novel, which has gone to press 3 times with over 15,000 sold. It’s a Library Media Connection Editor’s Choice and has received many great reviews.

And now, thanks to TWP Digital Solution -interactive digital book product by print management specialist Tien Wah Press (TWP)- it comes to iPad screens as well as an e-book for PC. This interactive version has Patrick and his friends bring the reader on board a cool spaceship where one can read the first introductory pages and then into a special room where one can zoom in on details for each state, click on a puzzle map to place all the states where they belong and when clicking on each state, see the panel for that state as seen on the print version with Patrick and friends telling the reader some fun and important facts about it. There is also a timeline you can click to see when each state joined the union. Patrick and friends can be moved all around and played with by kids as they enjoy their experience either on the iPad or their PC.

We’re all pretty ignorant when it comes to geography; these comics have made it easy and fun for kids to learn the facts about all 50 states. Now the interactive version makes it even more engaging and engrossing.

“This is part of NBM’s fairly aggressive move into e-books for its graphic novels and reorientation we’ll be making more announcements about soon. Comics and graphic novels will always be in print, they’re too tactile and collectible not to be, but electronic versions are fun too. In this case, we see a fascinating magnification of the effect comics can have at making learning fun,” said NBM Publisher Terry Nantier.

“We are delighted to offer NBM a digital solution for this title as an extension to our print capabilities. This showcases our ability to use superior technology to deliver content in a truly engaging manner across multiple platforms and devices. Through TWP Digital Solution, we’ve taken Dinosaurs Across America to another level while preserving the integrity of Phil Yeh’s great work.” said Mr. Yoichi Sanada, Managing Director of TWP.

It is available as an app for iPad for $9.99 at:


and as an e-book at the Koobits store http://www.koobits.com/books.aspx?bk=1182

and wherever e-books are sold.

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