Nancy Drew: Cooler Than Batman?

by Jeff

NOV084229F Nancy Drew: Cooler Than Batman?Media Release — Papercutz’s Nancy Drew outranks Batman in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s new list, “20 All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture.” You can find Nancy’s entry at,,20268279_3,00.html. The list also includes such icons as Robin Hood, Harry Potter, and James Bond.

Nancy hits #17 on EW’s list. (Batman is #18.) “The first female hero embraced by most little girls, Drew lived in an endless summer of never-ending adventures and unlimited potential,” says her entry. EW also notes Nancy’s influence on sleuths such as Veronica Mars and SCOOBY-DOO’s Velma.

Nancy’s been a star since her first appearance in the 1930 novel THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK. Papercutz gave her a new, manga-influenced look when it launched her new series of graphic novels in 1995. The Papercutz comics have been consistently popular, and the first volume is currently in its eighth printing.

Nancy’s most recent Papercutz book, #16, features “What Goes Up…” by writers Stefan Petrucha & Sarah Kinney and artist Sho Murase. It’s a timely tale of shady investment bankers who’ll do anything to recover their lost fortune — and too bad for Nancy when she gets in their way! Full-color paperback: 5” x 7 ½”, 96 pages, $7.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-134-5 Also in collector’s hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-135-2

The next issue, #17, features “Night of the Living Chatchke” by Petrucha, Kinney and Murase. When Nancy finds that mysterious artifacts have been vanishing, she uncovers a surprise: the ruins of a long-forgotten city filled with priceless ancient treasures that certain people will do anything to get! Full-color paperback: 5” x 7 ½”, 96 pages, $7.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-143-7 Also in collector’s hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-144-4. Available in May.

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You can order through NBM Publishing at 800-886-1223.

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