Mysterious Golden Age Collector Sells Everthing

by Norman Robinson III

99579_195837959df76e6feb0aa2a870dd665cca58d39d-209x300 Mysterious Golden Age Collector Sells EverthingWell above the drama of speculation for Modern, Bronze, and Silver Ages books stands the Golden Age investor. These collectors often seek out the rarest and choicest comics from long ago. In the case of our mysterious collector that is selling everything, his wheelhouse was Centaur Publications. Most if not all Golden Age collectors know that Centaur Publications laid the groundwork for the modern comic book. Please refer to an early blog by Matt Tuck entitled: A Walk Through Comic History, Matt goes into some detail on the background and exploits of Centaur Publications. In laying the foundation of what would become superhero comics and “publishing the first single genre title with Detective Picture Stories #1 helps to establish the format for the comic book industry (ComicConnect).” Their first masked hero was named the Clock.

Detective Picture Stories #1

ComicConnect has one of the largest auctions for Centaur Publications known to exist at any one time. Apparently, these books are so rare that being in one collection and in one auction is quite possibly the only time you will see all these comics available for sale together. Please check out the ComicConnect website Event Auction XXXVIII. I have picked out some of the fun copies for this blog, Detective Picture Stories #1 and Amazing Man Comics #22; see if you can find some interesting old school comics at this very unique auction on CommicConnect. The event should be over by March 15th in its entirety so don’t wait to check out the website. Take a look, as they have great comics and these are the forerunners of Superman, Batman, and all the Marvel Superheroes. Bottom line this is what created the industry we all love to buy and sell so much. Perhaps you can determine where some of our favorites may have originated.

100768_2e32ee6ce9e490bfccdd98d2e61442a038e9f068-215x300 Mysterious Golden Age Collector Sells EverthingAmazing Man Comics #22

If you like the early WWII era propaganda artwork, then check out Amazing Man Comics #22. This has ” Axis imagery, larger-than-life heroism, and apocalyptic mayhem” check out the green ape with the swastika burned into his forehead. This book is being sold in grade 7.5 unrestored which is completely astonishing given the age of this comic and described as a “magnet” for collectors. The Amazing Man series actually begins with issue #5 (the first four don’t exist); John Aman (Amazing Man) was created by Bill Everett and in stores May 10, 1941. He was a combo-pack of powers and abilities stealing a bit of Houdini, the Shadow, and even Superman. This issue is so rare GoCollect only has two or three sales and we are unable to do a detailed analysis of the return on this comic book. However, the most recent sale on ComicConnect was for $38,500 back in 2017 another grade 7.0 comic book.

Rarity Reminder: Comic Books from WWII

Anytime we look back at WWII and its significance in our lives today, we need to give thanks to the millions of men and women that sacrificed themselves during that war. They did this in order, to stop fascism and totalitarian beliefs from dominating the globe. The war mobilized the entire nation. Yes, today it all seems so obvious that we would win. But back then when the war began we were unprepared as a nation. We were isolationists and could very well have failed to defeat the Axis. With that realization, we look back as collectors at comic books made during the war. They are very hard to find because of the war effort. Back then every single bit of paper and scrap metal was recycled to meet the mounting war effort. Comics were probably the first things to go. Now almost 80 years later those Golden Age issues are rare to find because people went out of their way to give everything for the war. The Golden Age of that time period (WWII) has some extreme values today mainly due to rarity.



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