My case for…. Buying the Hood #1

by Joseph Overaitis

179786_31ac43021dc5593b2fcab19cf8b968e488d6a1cd-201x300 My case for.... Buying the Hood #1

A character ripe for the MCU and yet his potential is unseen by investors.  The Hood #1 contains the 1st appearance of the Hood and should be on your buy list for speculation. Let’s examine the facts and let you my reader/jury decide his fate.


179790_685097d7db5b4faa3f6ea67a7151e30748fa56e0-3-192x300 My case for.... Buying the Hood #1

His Origin Story is Perfect

Parker Robbins spent some of his childhood in the presence of the Kingpin.  As an adult, he becomes the perfect anti-hero in comics and movies.  Robbins is the man who does the wrong things for the right reasons.  He is a character you can like, but he has such severe personality flaws that reveal there is a dark side to his nature.

Robbins obtains his powers from two weapons he steals from a demon.  His boots allow him to run on air and his cloak lets him turn himself invisible.  At the end of his origin story, he makes enemies of a demon, the wife of a cop he killed, and the evil guys he tried to rip off.  Oh, I forgot to mention but his cloak… it has connections to Dormammu!


367816_1d74b5506f06ef7cf7ed1df7c0c0edfad5cc7f76-1-196x300 My case for.... Buying the Hood #1


His Powers Allow him to be Utilized in All Corners of the MCU and Marvel Universe

The Hood is capable of having the magical abilities necessary to overcome spells that conceal the sanctum of Dr. Strange while he can wield the mystic arts to the point the Hood wanted to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.  The Hood is also not out of place with space alien stories because he is capable of seeing through the alien disguises of the Skrulls.  He can go after someone like the Red Hulk one moment and the Punisher the next.  If the supernatural is more your preference he did gain his powers in a theft involving a demon so possibly existing in the dark realms of the MCU and Marvel Universe make him a versatile character.


359194_fd67c66d9b0003acbd033160c63d982293f74363-5-193x300 My case for.... Buying the Hood #1

He is the  Godfather You Never Knew

He is capable of playing as a teammate with other mega villains such as Norman Osborn, Namor, Victor Von Doom, Emma Frost, and Loki as members of the Cabal.  He also put together a gang of lesser villains as his own army.  This is a character that can work well on his own or in a team to make the life of a hero difficult. If you need a villain he is perfect in his ability to fit into any story and not be out of place.


Old Character with that New Character Smell

You cannot remove the mask from the Lone Ranger.  You should not make Spider-man’s webs bio-organic.  Do not get me started on Bat-Nipples!  The Hood has been in existence for not even two decades so there are so many things you can do to him that long time fans will not object to. At the same time, he has a history that reveals a carefully thought out character that has evolved as the story needed without being forced.  The best of both worlds, the Hood can be a major player in comic book storylines and an anchor villain for the MCU at a time when movies may need the introduction of a new character the most.


The GoCollect census numbers

Look at the census of GoCollect like the true investor you are and you will see what investors like.  At the time I researched this character there were less than 100 copies in existence in the CGC census.  Then I looked at eBay and saw the prices listed for his 1st appearance and I was shocked.  What am I missing? This is a book almost 20 years old that has a major character’s first appearance selling for pennies on the dollar. I think you should be found in dereliction of your duty as jurors if you do not rule this books should be bought now by investors while the price is right.



The Hood is a character that could be in the MCU or on any Marvel platform that you need a worthy adversary or anti-hero main character.  His versatility could have him be a substitute villain taking the place of Kingpin in a Spider-man story while at the same time throwing down with Dr. Strange in a theater near you.  His involvement with most major storylines in the last 20 years demonstrates his importance to the Marvel Comic Universe too. Low census numbers and being listed at affordable prices makes this book a must-own in my opinion.

How do you my jury of readers vote?   Buy or Not? Please let me know in the comments section.

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