Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg Leg Wilson #3 REVIEW

by Jeff

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jul090765 Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg Leg Wilson #3 REVIEWThe Muppet Show: The Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson #3 of 4
Boom! Kids Comics

This issue ramps up the efforts to find the treasure while the plot thread with Animal begins to reach a boiling point. It’s another amazing effort by Roger Langridge as he takes the Muppet Show and puts his own stamp on it. The concept of having an arc that stretches across the individual stories seems to be great fodder for great stories in the individual issues as is evidenced here. This is another excellent comic book.

geekgoggle Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg Leg Wilson #3 REVIEWAs the issue kicks off we have Animal having his own Jekyll and Hyde moment as he struggles to regain his crazy drummer ability. Add in that Rizzo and company are bringing in extra hands to help with the excavation of the theater as they search for the treasure and you have a busy and crazy beginning to the comic.

Smelly, Itchy and Dumpy are brought in as three of the missing ten dwarfs to help do some digging while a Peg Leg Wilson impersonator also enters the mix to help close out the show. These are just a couple of the newer characters who make an appearance in this issue. The comic just trots out character after character to make the comic as dense as possible and it works very well.

The issue ends with Piggy getting buried under her jewelry and the Muppets needing to bring out a robot Piggy as a replacement. With Piggy and Animal missing we have a good set up for the finale next issue. Not to mention the resolution of the missing treasure.

The comic uses a good mix of skits, like Animalopoly, Pigs in Space, Flea Circus and the origin of Peg Leg Wilson as read by Gonzo to keep the story broken up. With the pacing set in such a rhythm, I barely noticed that some of my favorite Muppets didn’t even make an appearance in the story.

The artwork is brilliant again. Page after page the Muppets are covering the panels. I am willing to bet this particular comic has more unique Muppets than any of the previous issues. There are simply that many Muppets in here and it works to the artists’ advantage. You get emotions on every single page as the comic reads just as good as it does visually. You would be hard pressed to find another comic that jams this much detail into every single panel and page.

The Muppets are all over the place in this issue as some chase treasure, some chase lost friends and others seem to be chasing ghosts. The final issue in the arc promises to be a real fun one. However, this one shouldn’t be missed.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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