Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg Leg Wilson #2 REVIEW

by Jeff

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jun090788f Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg Leg Wilson #2 REVIEWMuppet Show: The Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson #2 of 4
Boom! Kids Comics

The second issue of the latest chapter of the Muppet Show reveals probably more than you might expect when it still has two issues left. Again, this issue (as with the first issue) focuses more on the plot than the TV show elements. There is a good mix of characters that float in and out but the comic mostly sticks with the three key plot threads involving Kermit’s behavior, Animal’s evolution and the finding of the treasure. It’s a good issue with some funny moments.

geekgoggle Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg Leg Wilson #2 REVIEWThe most surprising aspect of this issue is near resolution of Kermit’s plot. For the entire first issue he was walking around in a leather jacket and sunglasses and acting totally out of character by being almost like a stoned version of Fonzi. About midway through this issue we find out not only what the reality of the situation is but that the dilemma is kind of left open for the final two chapters. Let’s just say that Kermit, as you know and love him, emerges in this issue but the alter ego in the jacket still exists as well.

The looking for the treasure takes up the least amount of page time in this issue but the plot collides with Animal’s as it appears Animal is holding one of the rats, who are looking for the treasure, captive. Animal is still acting civilized but he appears to want to revert back to being the wild man. It’s not clear if this stems from him being kicked out of the band or if inside he is fighting the conditioning.

The issue rolls out plenty of Muppets. Some of the better ones are the hillbillies and Manha-Manha. The issue sort of puts the ninja guy on the back burner in favor of the mad hypnotist which was a nice inclusion. We get more Bunsen and Beaker which is always a good thing, but not a lot of Fozzi or Gonzo. The cast is huge and this comic mixes things up nicely.

The highlight is of course the art. The comic is funny only because of the art’s ability to capture the facial expressions for the Muppet’s reactions. Some of the scenes are hysterical without much dialogue, like Manha-Manha and the drummer tryout. On the other hand there are scenes like the Animal hypnotism scene that are packed with details but the expressions make the scene all the more comical.

This comic is as fun as any of the previous ones. It captures the spirit of the Muppets with the backdrop of the show. It definitely has its audience and I count myself as one of them. There clearly is more to explore in this arc and in the genre as a whole.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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