Muppet Robin Hood #4 REVIEW

by Jeff

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may090744f Muppet Robin Hood #4 REVIEWMuppet Robin Hood #4 of 4
Boom! Kids Comics
Beedle, Villavert Jr, Valliant & Aum

Muppet Robin Hood is seriously competing with The Muppet Show series for being the definition of what is the definitive hysterical and fun read. The first three issues have been great and the finale outdoes them all. In a surprising move the comic relies on the supporting cast to carry the brunt of the story and it works very well. Sure, Kermit and Piggy have their roles in it, but its Friar Tuck (Fozzi) and the Merry Men that make this comic so special. This is a winner all the way through.

geekgoggle Muppet Robin Hood #4 REVIEWWith Kermit in prison and waiting for his hanging, the Merry Men scramble to figure a way to bust him out. Friar Tuck, though a traitor, manages to stick around with the Merry Men because of how the King is holding his mother hostage. Friar Tuck hatches some ridiculous plan to enlist the secret knights to break out Kermit. He reads out some long and silly set of instructions of how to find the knights to the Merry Men who laugh them off.

Friar Tuck embarks on the journey himself which is hysterical as he tracks a small child walking with her mother and how he has to get ahead of a piece of cabbage. It’s a great scene as the twist on words made me chuckle throughout it.

The Merry Men then decide to hunt down the narrator of the story. Confused? Well, they all realize the narrator of the story seems to know everything before it happens so he must know how to solve the problem. Its ridiculous and it works and, yet, it gets even more ridiculous.

Eventually, the Merry Men track down the narrator who passes the buck to the writer. The writer leaves (or escapes), which creates a hole in the story. Literally, a hole in the story. It’s pure genius what is done here. I won’t spoil it, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before and I thought it was one of the funniest and most clever things I’ve ever read.

Eventually the “substitute” writer is replaced by the real writers as the Merry Men and others rush to Kermit’s aid. It’s a great ending to the comic that makes use of more Muppets that previously had low or no face time in this series.

The comic is funny, smart, interesting, sarcastic and unique. There is simply nothing to dislike about it. Even if you have only a passing amount of knowledge of the Muppets I can’t see how you couldn’t see the charm in the story and its presentation.

The artwork is terrific. The comic is dense. It’s got a lot of panels and a lot of things happening in each panel and the art never takes a short cut. It’s a fun looking comic.

Muppet Robin Hood ends using a ton of the cast to make the finale as all-Muppet encompassing as possible. The comic shows all of the fun that brings the Muppets to life and it makes me eager to read the next mini series by this team.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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