Muppet Robin Hood #2 REVIEW

by Jeff

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mar094139f Muppet Robin Hood #2 REVIEW

Muppet Robin Hood #2 of 4
Boom! Kids Comics
Beedle, Villavert Jr & Aum

The second installment of the Muppets acting out a variation of Robin Hood is hysterical. The comic has a lot of the vintage elements of the Robin Hood story and it covers a lot of ground, but it is the humor that makes the comic stand out. The comic has a couple of oddities to it and the characters don’t entirely feel like the regular characters as they are partially in roles and partially in their normal characterizations. The comic is fun and packed with entertainment and that’s really all that you can ask for.

geekgoggle Muppet Robin Hood #2 REVIEW

The story starts out with Robin Hood aka Kermit and the Merry Men taking from the rich and giving to the poor. What makes this all unique and very humorous is the scams that Prince John is running to take more money from the people. Whether it’s the Land of Imagination or the Museum of Socks, the entire sequence had some funny scenes and great one-liners.

Eventually Robin Hood stumbles upon the World’s Largest Venus Flytrap. Marian aka Miss Piggy manages to get herself swallowed up by the flytrap only to have Robin Hood rescue her. This scene I found to be hilarious as Piggy gets herself into the predicament after much complaining about the nature of the flytrap and then the manner in which Robin Hood saves her was expected to some degree but still shockingly funny when it happened.

The comic continues with Marian and Robin Hood beginning their cat and mouse courtship while Prince John attempts to recruit someone to infiltrate the Merry Men as his spy. He eventually settles on the court jester turned Friar, Fozzy aka Friar Tuck.

The comic concludes with Robin Hood putting a full court press on his interest in Marian while he pesters Prince John right in his own home with a good old fashioned banquet crashing that ends up as a food fight.

The comic is terrific. It’s funny almost in every single scene. The comic uses a good group of Muppets to bring in a new twist here or there to keep the reader surprised and guessing as to who you might see next. While not every single popular Muppet gets face time in the comic, there are plenty of appearances that will keep the die hard fans pleased.

The only downer in the issue is that I simply didn’t recognize the Muppet playing the role of Prince John. Whether this is a ruse for the time being or just a problem on my part I still found it a little annoying. The only other small gripe is that the characters have no problem breaking character but their lines while in character don’t seem to always let their real personalities shine through.

The art is terrific. The characters look very similar to the cartoon work of Langridge in the Muppet Show comic. This comic has a lot of areas to show off in whether it’s different settings, action sequences or just a huge cast of characters and it does so well each and every time. The art helps to make this comic fun.

With most of the introductions out of the way this comic is able to kick back and just flat out entertain. The comedy is dry at times and slapstick at time but it is frequent. There’s some high flying acrobatics and great paced storytelling. The comic even has a line that actually references the other comic series’ creator! This comic has everything for a Muppet fan, die hard or casual.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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