Muppet Peter Pan #1 REVIEW

by Jeff

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jun090780f Muppet Peter Pan #1 REVIEWMuppet Peter Pan #1 of 4
Boom! Kids Comics
Randolph & Mebberson

The Muppets roll out their fourth mini series and with this, their third different creative team, and the results are still the same. This comic captures the essence of the Muppets, while telling an interesting story that contains charm and humor while using a mix of characters instead of the usual main group. It’s a fun comic that puts a nice twist on a classic tale.

geekgoggle Muppet Peter Pan #1 REVIEWThe comic wastes little time before the insanity of the Muppets takes over. The narrator is not up to Sam the Eagle’s standards, so Sam takes it upon himself to narrate over the narrator. It’s hysterical as the character traits of Sam are all nailed here. I was happy to see Sam get some quality page time right off the bat.

Next we get a bit of an origin of Peter Pan (Kermit) and his meeting up with Piggytink. The chemistry is there with Kermit and Piggy despite the new costumes. Piggy is as charming and a bully as ever while Kermit continues to have a level of innocence as he lets Piggy take the controls and bring him on his new adventure. The rendition remains true to the characters that most would remember.

In the role of the children are Scooter, Janice and Bean. It’s a great mix that departs from what you might expect to see. I was thrilled to see Bean get some time in a Muppet series. Their interactions feel as if they are actual siblings, but they are enhanced by the appearance of their Nana, Camilla the Chicken.

Eventually, Kermit and Piggy show up at the kid’s house in search of Kermit’s missing shadow and the core of characters are joined for their trip to Neverswamp.

It’s a terrific issue and one of the primary reasons is the artwork. Bright, vibrant, detailed and comedic are just some of the elements that make the artwork so special. A prime example is in one panel we have Scooter wiping off his glasses, but his eves are missing from his face. Why? Because as anyone who has looked closely at Scooter knows, his eyes are attached to his glasses. It’s such a minor detail but it was hysterical and the comic is loaded with fun nuggets like that one. When I read this comic it just felt like a Saturday morning TV show and not static pictures.

For a Muppet comic that only uses seven characters and only two of the big guys, this comic felt complete and extremely well “cast”. While the comic is just the beginning of the arc I would say this was a tremendous start. I definitely recommend it and not just for fans of the Muppets.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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