Multiverse of Madness Reaction: [SPOILER] Has Arrived

by Matt Tuck

050622A-1024x536 Multiverse of Madness Reaction: [SPOILER] Has ArrivedForget Doctor Strange because Scarlet Witch cast her spell on Multiverse of Madness, but it’s the debut of [SPOILER] that will have collectors on the hunt for keys.

Prior to the MOM’s premiere, the chase was on for the first appearances of the Illuminati. Without giving anything away, the collecting priorities are going to shift away from the secret overlords of the Marvel Universe. What will take the Illuminati’s place? Clea’s key issues.

As always, Marvel gave a preview of things to come for Doctor Strange in the mid-credits scene. The big reveal was Oscar winner Charlize Theron as the mysterious Clea, who slices through the fabric of reality to take Strange back to the Dark Dimension.

With that in mind, let’s explore four key issues that should get the bump from Marvel’s latest blockbuster.

Marvel-Chillers-1-191x300 Multiverse of Madness Reaction: [SPOILER] Has ArrivedMARVEL CHILLERS #1

After a year of speculation, the evil god Chthon was named in the MCU. He didn’t make an appearance, but his presence was heavily implied.

His biggest role in the film was being named the author of the Darkhold, which falls back to his comic origin.

The Elder God first appeared in Marvel Chillers #1, though he was named the Other in this issue. 

If you’re looking to add this to your long boxes, these can be found at affordable prices. While the mythical 9.8 last sold for over $3k in October, a 9.6 is closer to $300.

Avengers-186-Scarlet-witch-1-197x300 Multiverse of Madness Reaction: [SPOILER] Has ArrivedAVENGERS #186

This was a hot comic last year thanks to the Darkhold arriving in WandaVision. Now, collectors have a renewed interest in adding it to their collections. It was in this issue that Chthon appeared as a cloud.

In the comic, Chthon cloud possessed Scarlet Witch and used her powers for evil. This aligns with MOM. When Professor X entered Scarlet Witch’s mind, the curse that had invaded her spirit was represented by a red cloud. Put the two together, and that could be Chthon’s representation in the film. 

No doubt, investors and speculators will have a renewed interest in Avengers #186. Since last May, the 9.8 has been selling anywhere from $1,100 to $1,500. If that price tag is too much for your budget, the 9.6 has a 30-day fair market value of $325.

Strange-Tales-126-200x300 Multiverse of Madness Reaction: [SPOILER] Has ArrivedSTRANGE TALES #126

We all wondered when this would happen. Even before the Doctor Strange sequel had an official title, there was speculation that Strange’s comic book wife and Dormammu’s niece Clea would appear in the film.

Now that she has arrived, it will drive prices for her first appearance in Strange Tales #126. Already this month, a 7.5 has sold for $990. Now that she is officially in the MCU, the records will begin to fall.


Many of us saw the writing on the wall last year. Besides the numerous rumors and gossip that Clea would be part of Multiverse of Madness, there was the comic story, The Death of Doctor Strange. With the good doctor taking a dirt nap, who would fill his shoes as Sorcerer Supreme? Why, Clea, of course, and she is currently starring in the title while Strange takes his respite.

Oftentimes, the sudden additions and changes in the comic hierarchy imply something is brewing in the MCU. That leads me to believe that Clea will become the next Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme on the silver screen.

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