MUDMAN #1-2 go back to press for second printings

by Jeff

117531_391088_2 MUDMAN #1-2 go back to press for second printingsMedia Release — Readers wanting to catch up on MUDMAN, Paul Grist’s unique take on the superhero, will now get their chance. The first two issues of a story Grist describes as “all about growing up and finding your way in the world, and how the decisions that you make can affect others” sold out. But now new printings of MUDMAN #1 (DEC118139) and MUDMAN #2 (DEC118140) will be available at the same time MUDMAN #3 (NOV110463) hits the stands on Wednesday, February 14. In addition, MUDMAN #1‘s second printing will feature a brand new cover by Grist and the cover of MUDMAN #2 will have new coloring.

117531_391089_3 MUDMAN #1-2 go back to press for second printingsLike the hero of Grist’s beloved series JACK STAFF, MUDMAN’s Owen Craig is a distinctly British superhero, but in an entirely different way. An unsure teen in an English seaside town, Owen discovers that he’s different. His body is turning to mud, and he must learn to control it before he gets stuck in his tiny hometown in a way he never anticipated.

“Even after producing amazing work over the course of almost 20 years, Paul Grist remains one of comics’ best kept secrets,” said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “MUDMAN is just the latest example of Paul’s wonderfully unique sensibilities, and following the rave reviews the early issues have received, we want to this is something new readers can discover at any time.”

MUDMAN is a full-color comic book series that reviewers have called “free of manufactured angst,” “great fun” and “not to be missed.” It is released monthly, for $3.50 per issue, and is also available through digital platforms.

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