MR MURDER and Archaia wish you a Happy Valentines Day

by Jeff

MMID_VDCards_Ver1_Flat MR MURDER and Archaia wish you a Happy Valentines DayMedia Release — On behalf of the creative team behind the Archaia graphic novel, Mr. Murder Is Dead, we’d like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your readers with these “heartwarming” cards!

Mr. Murder Is Dead is an original graphic novel first published by Archaia in September 2011. There’s been a murder—Mr. Murder is found dead! Old Gould Kane, long into his retirement as a top cop, looks to be the #1 suspect with a motive so deep and intense even Gould’s old partner suspects him. But the truth is Gould’s the only cop worth a damn to solve the cryptic case. The clues could lead Gould to a new and perhaps even greater profession in his twilight… as a very bad man. Mr. Murder is Dead is a “who didn’t do it” set in the fading world of Golden Age comic strips. A criminal’s lament to all things past, present and meaningless. Written by Victor Quinaz and illustrated by Brent Schoonover (Astronaut Dad). Published in partnership with Zachary Quinto (“Star Trek,” “Heroes”) and Before the Door.

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