Movie Adaptations: Rogue One

by Norman Robinson III

696497_a430206e9efde721dc2556e368325239d1648f49-195x300 Movie Adaptations: Rogue OneStar Wars has left an indelible memory for fans and naysayers alike. The concept of “The Force” is something that everyone can relate to. The stories are pretty straightforward with good and evil opposed. Evil always seems to have an edge but good manages through hard action to fight their way to victory; but unfortunately, not without great cost. Such is the movie Rogue One, in my humble opinion the best of the recent Star Wars movies. It rocks like Empire Strikes Back (everyone’s favorite Wars), but has its own unique tie in with the very first Star Wars movie “A New Hope.” But back then it was simply Star Wars. Does this Star Wars theme pay off for the comic book movie adaptations? More to the point, does Rogue One provide a good comic investment for the future?


Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation #1

This story it the final tie in with the first Star Wars movie to appear in theaters back in 1977. Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation #1 was written by Jody Houser and Emilio Laiso covering the art. Notably, Laiso did some great work on Hercules. This adaptation came out on April 5th, 2017. The mint condition (9.8) sold back in September of 2017 for $62. But unfortunately, this comic only has a total of 5 sales outstanding to date.  Currently, GoCollect doesn’t have any CGC Census data pending. This is purely a collectible book and not much of an investment or speculative buy. That being said, if they ever go back and build on the Rogue One theme this book could show some life. But not everything has significant commercial value. This book is just a great piece of the Star Wars universe and an homage to one heck of a movie. If you haven’t seen Rogue One check it out; Jyn Erso is the bomb!

Star Wars #8 (Christopher Action Figure Variant) 

New to this series is the artist of Stuart Immonen, but John Cassaday is both the interior and cover artist for this comic. Star Wars #8 (Christopher Action Figure Variant) was written by Jason Aaron who continues Luke’s travels to grow as a Jedi and get to the temple on Coruscant; meanwhile, Han and Leia face an unknown foe. This book has had 56 sales which are great news and is a variant probably helped by the Tusken Raider on the cover. Cool effect creating the action figure comic cover. That is worth an entire blog by itself.

Recently, Star Wars #8 (Christopher Action Figure Variant) has sold for $49 in mint condition (9.8) in July 2018. Which is not a bad return as this book originally sold for $3.99 back in August 2015. The near mint of (9.6) has a potential return of only $15.06 as of November 2018, but that is still an increase from the initial cost. I have noticed a trend that most of the Star Wars stuff is going up. Seeing this non-key at these levels is actually encouraging for this series and genre. Star Wars is here to stay, even with the occasional bad movies driven by sales of toys, not character development. The Star Wars books seem to have staying power and who doesn’t like owning a Tusken Raider. Take a look at the original Star Wars comics from the Bronze Age, ultimately they represent a better investment than the new Star Wars like SW#8 and Rogue One above.


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