Most Popular Comics: Silver Age

by Norman Robinson III

118706_3fb32ea47971519c229f429a58b1f925d4622a9d-1-200x300 Most Popular Comics: Silver AgeAmong the top five Silver Age books, Fantastic Four #49 has outpaced the returns of its more popular competitors. There are four different superheroes highlighted in this Silver Age roundup. Black Panther comes out swinging, Captain Marvel blasts onto the scene (Also, hits the big screen in a matter of weeks.), Iron Man repulses into the top three and the Silver Surfer dominates both ends of the rankings. The continued supremacy of the Fantastic Four books from this age is really encouraging. For so many years these comics were a big let down as investments. I do not mean the major keys but everything else was impacted. After all, the FF first appeared in November 1961 well before Spider-Man. Spidey didn’t show up until July 31st, 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15. Please respond on Facebook if you are one of the many who originally was hooked by Marvel on the Fantastic Four. I know that I sure was. Don’t get me wrong Spider-Man is the lifeblood of the franchise and I would never change that. But fandom is ready for the Fantastic Four to have decent movies and time in the spotlight. My hope is that the FF books will catch on fire like the Amazing Spider-Man’s first 100 issues have. Nowadays you can rarely find them available in the standard back issue bin.

Fantastic Four #49

Is the fifth-ranked most popular Silver Age comic from last month.  According to the Overstreet Guide, this book is the real second appearance of both Silver Surfer and his planet-devouring master Galactus. However, I believe this is a full appearance of Galactus. Be that as it may, both have their first cover appearance on this book. I call it a pure masterpiece of comic art from that era. Currently, the top price paid for Fantastic Four #49 was $180,000 on Heritage in 2016 quite a sum to own a mint copy (9.8).

120326_dabffdaf3afa8371e8ea760aed4cb6d53233644a-201x300 Most Popular Comics: Silver AgeMarvel Super-Heroes #13

This is the second appearance of Captain Marvel; but more importantly the very first appearance of Carol Danvers. With the latest edition of Captain Marvel to the MCU due out in a few weeks, this book has been in the top ten awhile.  Toward the end of 2018 in November someone paid $31,111 online for a (9.8) graded copy.  Currently, this cosmic commander is sitting at the fourth-ranked most popular comic of Silver Age.

Iron Man #1

Has been in the top comics for most of the last year and well into 2019. This issue is not even his first appearance. It is, however, the first issue of Iron Man in a titled series, and a retelling of the origin of Iron Man. Origins always have value especially when it comes to a primary hero like Iron Man. The most recent highest price paid for a mint grade (9.8) was $16,500 online in August of 2018. Currently, ranked third place in Silver Age.


Fantastic Four #52

I cannot say enough positive words about Fantastic Four #52. It is currently ranked second most popular Silver Age books from January. This is one of those early books that has always had value and just continues to grow and profit. Guess what my feline friends, this superhero is just getting started. The unprecedented cool Black Panther movie guarantees at least three more of those puppies. That means, profit, profit, and yes, more profit. I would not be surprised if it becomes one of the most expensive of the FF books outside of the FF’s first appearance, of course. The average price for a grade (9.8) in this book is $84,000 FMV.

118643_ec1fe51db751f05915131fc54530a9fc6f73dcbc-1-200x300 Most Popular Comics: Silver Age Fantastic Four #48

Finally, the Numero Uno for the month of January in the Silver Age: Fantastic Four #48. This comic has been in the top three over the last year. Mostly due to speculation on the Disney acquisition of Fox. This means that all the rights to the Fantastic Four and X-Men will return where they belong to Marvel. The last recorded sale of this book is $31,833 on Comic Connect grade (9.8). This first appearance of the Silver Surfer is a great book to own. However, I prefer FF #49 for cover and upper price potential and the Black Panther which has an open runway for movies for the next decade.












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