More Than Meets the Eye

by Norman Robinson III

169021_1c7db9480b9c02a1a36ba961c146a56ae3bc151f-196x300 More Than Meets the EyeNewbies to the comic book collection and speculation world need to know the basics. First, what to invest in and furthermore, what are your choices? I would base your first entry into the world of comic book collecting on what you liked to read as a kid. This will give a sense of nostalgia for your beginning purchase. The walk down memory lane makes it a lot more fun. Was it the Transformers that you admired as a kid on TV? If that is the case, remember they tried a comic book for that toy line as well. Buy the comic that is “more than meets the eye.” Perhaps it will transform your investment in collectibles. Well, you could buy Transformers #1 the first appearance, or maybe the Transformers #80 with a limited print run, and the last comic in the Transformer series. After that, the collection builds itself; eventually, you see the value and branch out into other comics that offer higher returns. Then the hunt is on.

Whatever your choice of ephemera weapons, the result will be the same; you will enjoy collecting this material and grow to expand outward from there. Let’s take a look at some of the previously mentioned books to review potential speculations. Transformers is a perfect example of what to buy. First off, just about everyone enjoyed the movies, and they appear to keep making them. Yeah, I know Mark Wahlberg as a Transformer guy is like asking Dirk Diggler to star in a Disney movie. But, he sells tickets, so why not have Marky Mark gunning down aliens? The great thing about this investment is that it has an ongoing catalyst: movies are being made.

Transformers #1 (1984)

Which Transformers do you buy? Well, luckily the Transformers series began with one book Transformers #1 (1984) which has the origin and first appearance of the Transformers. This comic was for Hasbro toys in the 1980’s. The comic was created by Bill Mantlo (script) with Frank Springer, and Bill Sienkiewicz (pencils) for Marvel Comics as a four-issue limited series. This first appearance has a mint condition value of $375 in (9.8), at least that is the fair market value. The market for this particular book is soft right now which is good because you will be able to buy at below market, and maybe even below book. I wouldn’t go any lower than (9.2) grade Transformers #1 which runs at $70 FMV, the last official sale was $100 on eBay last month. This book has a total outstanding CGC Census inventory of 2,091. Low Census numbers for such a popular series is a good thing.

Transformers #1 (1984) was all the rage about ten years ago with the four big movies, one even had Leonard Nimoy as the villain. It doesn’t get much bigger than Spock in the pop culture world, “Live long, and prosper.” There will be a Bumblebee solo movie due out in late 2018. It seems like, the Transformers pumps out a movie every couple of years. Hey, any catalyst is much appreciated. This book hit newsstands and specialty shops in 1984 at a price of .75 cents. Today you will pay $375 for a mint condition Transformers #1 (1984) the first appearance, and that is still cheap in my humble (Bumblebee) opinion.




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