More Silver Surfer Speculation

by Matt Tuck

Can’t get enough of the Silver Surfer? Don’t worry because I have you covered with some minor key issues worth a second look.

Following on the heels of “Stay Gold, Surfer Boy,” I have more issues for the Silver Surfer fans (a number that is growing by the day). As before, these aren’t mega keys with insane prices. In fact, I didn’t necessarily focus on specific issues, but rather storylines that could have MCU implications whenever Kevin Feige and company decide to introduce the “Skyrider of the Spaceways” to their sandbox of movies. 

Tales-to-Astonish-93-197x300 More Silver Surfer SpeculationTALES TO ASTONISH #92-93

The Silver Surfer’s initial meetings with Marvel’s iconic characters are solid investments. In Tales to Astonish #92 and #93, we have his first run-in with the Hulk, which would make for a great moment on the big screen. Since the power cosmic can help the Surfer eclipse Hulk’s power, it would make for an entertaining CGI fight scene. Whenever these two clash in the MCU, both Tales #92 and #93 will get a quick boost.





FF-72-204x300 More Silver Surfer SpeculationFANTASTIC FOUR #72

After squaring off with Thing in F.F. #55, the Surfer took on the entire squad in this issue. Keep in mind that this was during the height of the F.F.’s popularity, and it was always good for sales to pit them against another fan favorite. Fox somewhat used this angle in 2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer, and it’s safe to assume that Marvel Studios will try to keep from rehashing any ideas from outside the MCU, so this may not be the most likely scenario to unfold. In fact, Marvel may introduce the Surfer apart from the F.F. for that reason. Regardless, F.F. #72 is a gem for any Surfer collector.




FF-74-200x300 More Silver Surfer SpeculationFANTASTIC FOUR #74-77

This is the follow up to the “Galactus Trilogy” from F.F. #48-50. In these issues, Galactus once again confronts the Surfer, but the two eventually work together in the final issue. From a collecting standpoint, these aren’t nearly the best keys as compared to the earlier appearances of Galactus and the Surfer. Still, they are important issues in the Surfer mythos, and they come with a much cheaper price tag, which is always good.





Submariner-34-200x300 More Silver Surfer SpeculationSUB-MARINER #34-35

It’s unlikely that we’ll get to see the Titans Three in the MCU, but one can dream. The first time Surfer, Submariner, and the Hulk teamed up was in Sub-Mariner #34, and this issue would jump in value if the trio is ever featured in live-action. The follow-up issue, though, is equally important as it saw the Titans face the Avengers. 






Thor-1-2011-198x300 More Silver Surfer SpeculationTHE MIGHTY THOR #1-5 (2011)

Sooner or later, Thor and the Surfer will meet in the MCU. After all, they’re both all-powerful cosmic entities traversing the universe. Obviously, the first issue to feel the effects of a live-action meeting between the two would be Silver Surfer #4. However, I can see this 2011 story arc being used as the basis for a movie plot. In these pages, Galactus hungers for the World Tree, and the Surfer pleads with Odin for the Seed in order to feed Galactus and save Asgard. (I know – Asgard is not a place; it’s a people.) I mentioned earlier that Marvel could introduce the Surfer away from the F.F., and this would fit the bill in epic fashion. 


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